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I can't get past the 'call it a day' choice. It keeps taking me back.Is that supposed to happen? (due to it being on hold?) other people seemed to have gotten further. 


Is this going to be updated any time soon ?


Probably not. It's on indefinite hiatus at the moment.


oh, I see 

thanks for replying.


There seems to be a glitch when it comes to "End the day", it will keep resetting me back to going through the choices of what I want to spend my time doing. 

Alright... I haven't seen any updates recently... I absolutely adore this game... is it an abandonedgame?


No, just working on different projects at the moment.


K. Thank you for not abandoning this project. Are you currently working on "Throne of Ashes"? Is that one of the different projects? I ask because I flipping love that game! Actually, it was that game that made me want to see what other projects you've got.  All of your projects are well written and really immersive.


Thank you for the kind words! And yep!

Not a problem and Yay!

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I'm trying to play as a female, and I'm still being referred to as a male by

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Went through the comments and another person mentioned this problem as well like a year ago so not sure why its not fixed.

*Did you by chance pick she/her pronounce and then "Cis Female"? Maybe the problem is just in those options or it may be that the developer forgot to add their code instead of the word or had the wrong code? If thats the problem then we can't do anything about it we'll just have to cope with being misgendered lol :')

*Nvm what u pick at the start seems to not matter for that part so it's definitely missing code.

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I actually have the same problem, tried everything I can think of. By any chance did you manage to find a fix?

* after that scene it seems that the pronounce will be correct, so it looks like just a glitch on this page for now.


When will you have the full game?


I can't wait for the full game I am going for asher all the way ๐Ÿ˜ƒ


Absolutely in love with the game! Looking forward to future updates โ™ก I noticed that when I select the flirt option for the price at the end of the final chapter, his affinity point decreases by 2 instead of increasing. Is it an error?


Ah yes the price tag best thing in the game/j

I can't wait until the next update!!!!! Also, do you have a website or app that you used to make this? I'm very inspired to make my own interactive story but unfortunately don't know what website/app is best to make it with. Anything can help thank you!


All of 13League's stories published on are created in Twine. Look up "Twine" or "Twinery" on a search engine.

Thank you!!


im ready to buy this! when will it be fully released?


Is the age the same as humans? Like when mc said thirty fourth year does that meanthat mc is 34 yrs old?

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Hello I am really enjoying this story! But I noticed an error when you want to speak with the nobles right at the beginning of your free day after the first competition.

Anyone figured out how to fix this yet?

it's really fun to play ! When is the full release ๐Ÿฅฐ

This is soo cool! Love the story ๐Ÿ’•

I love this game, I hope there is more to this story. <3 :)

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Have some error when trying to save progress. PC, Windows, game downloaded through app. Does anybody have same problems?

Upd.: the problem doesn't occure, though, if run the game in browser.

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Love the storytelling, but I ran into a problem where when you get back from getting the jewel and your sent your own way with Asher, when it says to "call it a day", it repeats to the dialogue before, e.g.: โ€œYou two go. I will send for you when I require you,โ€. It keeps repeating that no matter how many times I press call it a day. Besides that, though, pretty good so far, can't wait to see where else you take the story!

*Edit* Wait hold on problem fixed, every time I was hanging out with Asher I chose "Where can I get one" in regards to the dagger, so I chose a different option. Think that should get fixed sooner or later though lol

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Seems great so far. Only ran intoa few pronoun issues "son of Esther..." when my pc uses "daughter" pronoun, later "withdraw hers [sic] poison"


when going to 'sit with the other suitors' on the free day after the ball. I received a 'Error: the passage "4.141" does not exist'

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All of the conversation options bug out after reading with Esther


Or is this the end?


Is there a file upload or spoiler feature on itch?


this error persists in all 4 paths :(

For me too!


Is this a update for the demo? 


Kinda. There's a bit of new content but not much.


 can't scroll : (


Tell me if it's fixed whenever you check in again. If you're on mobile (iPhone) I may need to add a new link.

Its working! (On mobile) can't wait to play!!๐Ÿธ


I can't scroll up or down


Okay, I'm going to try to keep it cool because otherwise this will all be in caps. I didn't know you were still working on this. Oh my god. Oh my god. I thought this was abandoned and then I get an email seeing this and I am having A Moment. Ohhhhhh my god. Thank you. Thank you thank you thank you. I wanted this to be finished so badly and now it's here and I am ready to be emotionally crushed. I will profess my love for Asher and let the heavens take me away. 

(Also not 18+ noooo ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ)


oh my goshhhh so excited this is out! 


yes same!