Political intrigue, mysterious origins, a powerful cult, and a world waiting to be discovered all await you. You are a popular witch, yearning for nothing more than to learn all the branches to rise from apprentice to master. Your unique abilities, however, allow you to help those in need. But what will you do when you can’t even help yourself when your life is threatened? Everything changes when an unknown foe enters your life and begins to knock you down block by block. A simple journey takes a turn for the worst as you go from wanting to clear your name to having to decide where your future will end.

  • Customize your own gender pronouns and choose a backstory that can affect your future.
  • Choose from four different species and watch your story and interactions change.   
  • Five romanceable characters with different backgrounds and goals.
  • Delve into a magic system consisting of your own specialized magic, unique spells, and more.
  • Immerse yourself in a high fantasy world.
  • Multiple ways to affect the world around you and multiple endings each with their own consequences.

In book one, The Game, go from famed witch, to the most wanted person in all of Nidinia. Will you side with the old, or with the new? Join the side of a rising rebellion, or help squash them? Will those who once jeered you once again praise your name? Or will you be a mere whisper among the wind?

  • Rebuild your damaged reputation. Will you regain the love of those around you or will you be the villain everyone loves to hate?
  • Find evidence to help blackmail your enemies.
  • Choose a side and help them win the bid for the kingdom.

Mobile Players use this link to avoid issue.

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Insight consists of three books. Each will be updated here and be the price of -.

Contact Me @ 13leaguestories@gmail.com

All music and images are licensed under Bum Studios and 13Leagues.

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreInteractive Fiction
TagsFantasy, NSFW, Twine


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might check this out soon

Oh? is it okay to ask if this games next books will only be on patreon?

Omg I need more, I need to know what happens after the trial



I do not cry easily. But let me tell you the duration of my imprisonment, and the end, I was ready to burst into tears at any moment. At first because of our Master's death, I truly grew attached to him, so very greatly. And then because my hope for ever making through it deceased so greatly. I got so damn surprised I got life in prison instead of straight up death. So now I'm gonna go fantasize that after who knows how long the real culprit was found and I was freed.

Fuck this man, it was good but it hurt me. T~T


I was speed reading happily then

"Hope was executed on the spot. End of Demo" and all I can say is

So, possibly slightly spoilery, but I'm actually not sure if I reached a game end or not (nor do I know if there are any yet). It seems like the point where I reached is a point where the story would likely be unable to continue. However, it says End of Demo, implying the end is because it's a demo and not a complete game. I don't want to say too much, to not spoil it for other people, but I'm not sure if this is enough information for you to tell if I've actually reached an endgame or not?


The "End of Demo" means that you've reached the end of the portion of the game that is available for us to play at the moment. The author hasn't finished the story yet, so there isn't an endgame for now. We can say that what you reached was the end of the beginning of the game (if that makes any sense). I hope I didn't just make things more confusing lol 

(1 edit)

Actually, that kind of makes it make more sense. Are you one of the developers/writers?


Oh no, I'm just a player ^^


loving the game so far, just dropping in with a possible coding mistake that I caught for Insight; in chapter 2 when your master tells the lord about the "horse" you have two options,        

~Play along.                                                                                      

~Tell the Lord we need a horse.                                              

however, they both net ++deceitful, when i believe the 2nd option should net ++honesty. (sorry if this isn't the right place for this, tumblr kept telling me my ask was a bad request)


I love the game. My only problem is that it takes forever to load and respond to my actions. I was wondering if you would be willing to post the html file for download so it might make it easier. If you're using twine, in order to get the html file, just click the "publish to file" button and it will let you download that. Other than that, it's an amazing game.


loving the lore, just to let you know there's a code line error after you help Issak on the kren path.


Thank you for telling me!

no problem . :) 


I love your work and can't wait for more of this game!! The game looks amazing and I'm so excited! <3


this is amazing!! It had me hooked right from the start! This and the superstition series are amazing

Show post...

So... is it just me or is this a "demo"? Cuz i got to the end of chapter iv and it said it was the end of the demo... i also didnt get any of the choices about how to deal with the court... in the description it says you can join the rebellion and stuff and i couldnt find anything like that... 

And i was only able to get to the part where my reputation fell apart... it ended before i could try to rebuild it.

(1 edit) (+3)

man i got so into it when it ended i felt sad please i have to have more


This game is soooooooo good. I love it and Superstition and literally all the games you do if I'm being honest. You are such a good author I can't wait to see more from you.


Hello! I remember playing this game in WIP section on CoG forum, and I should say it is an awesome game) 

A few questions if you don't mind:

1. Will it be possible to play Insight localy? I mean will it be possible to download it? I really prefer to play (or more likely read) it while traveling.

2. I'm interested in why are you prefer Twine instead of ChoiceScript. I'm creating stories too, but I think CS is simplier? Or is there another reason? You don't have to answer this, it's just my curiosity.

3. And the last one. My message in a whole... does it sound normal? Like no weird parts or wrong times? I'm nor a native eanglish speaker, so I'm really interested in how good or bad I am at expressing my thoughts.


Hi. 1. I don't know yet, I'm still thinking over whether it'll be a desktop app, downloadable, etc. 2. It's more so whichever one you're more comfortable with, both codes are simple to me but I'm used to Twine and the program has more freedoms so it's just what I chose. 3.  Yes, lol, your message sounded fine to me and I understood everything you were asking.

Many thanks for answering all my questions)


I'm having a problem, I'm not able to scroll down while playing the game. Both on my PC and on my phone.

Yeah, I'm having the same issue too.

I am also having the same problem.

Me too :-/

Saaame ( T w T )


Problem should be solved now. Sorry guys! For mobile (especially iPhone), use the link that's listed under The Game area.

Thank you!!! uwu