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I love your work and can't wait for more of this game!! The game looks amazing and I'm so excited! <3


this is amazing!! It had me hooked right from the start! This and the superstition series are amazing

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So... is it just me or is this a "demo"? Cuz i got to the end of chapter iv and it said it was the end of the demo... i also didnt get any of the choices about how to deal with the court... in the description it says you can join the rebellion and stuff and i couldnt find anything like that... 

And i was only able to get to the part where my reputation fell apart... it ended before i could try to rebuild it.

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man i got so into it when it ended i felt sad please i have to have more


This game is soooooooo good. I love it and Superstition and literally all the games you do if I'm being honest. You are such a good author I can't wait to see more from you.


Hello! I remember playing this game in WIP section on CoG forum, and I should say it is an awesome game) 

A few questions if you don't mind:

1. Will it be possible to play Insight localy? I mean will it be possible to download it? I really prefer to play (or more likely read) it while traveling.

2. I'm interested in why are you prefer Twine instead of ChoiceScript. I'm creating stories too, but I think CS is simplier? Or is there another reason? You don't have to answer this, it's just my curiosity.

3. And the last one. My message in a whole... does it sound normal? Like no weird parts or wrong times? I'm nor a native eanglish speaker, so I'm really interested in how good or bad I am at expressing my thoughts.


Hi. 1. I don't know yet, I'm still thinking over whether it'll be a desktop app, downloadable, etc. 2. It's more so whichever one you're more comfortable with, both codes are simple to me but I'm used to Twine and the program has more freedoms so it's just what I chose. 3.  Yes, lol, your message sounded fine to me and I understood everything you were asking.

Many thanks for answering all my questions)


I'm having a problem, I'm not able to scroll down while playing the game. Both on my PC and on my phone.

Yeah, I'm having the same issue too.

I am also having the same problem.

Me too :-/

Saaame ( T w T )


Problem should be solved now. Sorry guys! For mobile (especially iPhone), use the link that's listed under The Game area.

Thank you!!! uwu