Ye Olde Folly Faire Available

The second DLC, Ye Olde Folly Faire, is now available for play. Below are some quick tips for getting specific routes. To play, simply do the same thing you would do for the main Superstition game and open it in the browser.

Hope you all enjoy!

  • To get the Forest of Love poly scene make sure you have no romance and that you go to the styling activity first. There, pick the choice where both girls kiss you.
  • The Fortune Teller unlocks after the tour.
  • Costumes for bonus scenes: Wench = Amari; Jester = Zillah; Archer = Rahim; Monk = Sydero; Pirate = Chris


Ye Olde Folly Faire DLC 76 MB
Jan 13, 2021

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