“Hell is empty and all the devils are here.” - William Shakespeare

Sydero is gone. Your team is broken and weak. Raum is still at large. And you now don’t even know what you really are. Your world has begun unraveling ever since you found the amber eyed girl unconscious in the alley. More than ever, you need those closest to you for support, but you have learned that trust isn’t an easy word to come by. As you learn more about the supernatural world, your skill and determination are put to the test, with danger crawling around every corner, and even living inside you.

  • Continue your venture deeper into the supernatural world, to places even some supernaturals dare not go.
  • Delve deeper into the secrets regarding your past and what it means for you.
  • Swear to save your friend or fight it every step of the way.
  • Your choices matter, your relationships matter, the story is just getting started.
  • Meet three new romanceable characters or continue your romance with another.

Superstition is for 18+  due to dark themes, alcohol references, gore, violence, and sexual themes. Reader discretion is advised.

Superstition also involves themes that may be triggering to some. Themes, situations, conversations that revolve around: rape, abuse (alcohol, domestic, drugs, etc.), trauma, harassment, suicide, etc.

Superstition is released in an episodic television fashion, meaning that every other week (not counting breaks) a new episode will be released. A new episode will be released on a bi-weekly schedule on Tuesday, starting February 25, 2020 and ending on August 18, 2020.

This is the second season to a four season series. This series allows you to move over your saves so that the game can remember your choices. To play the other seasons please see below:

Due to the following links not being iPhone friendly, here's the link for those who would like to play the game on the iPhone. iPhone Link. Also DO NOT play this game using the itch.io app. The save system will produce an error and though you can play, will disallow you from saving.

Season One | Season Two | Season Three | Season Four

Email: 13leaguestories@gmail.com

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StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreInteractive Fiction, Action
Tagsamare, Episodic, Romance, supernatural, Text based, Twine


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Uhm- I found a error 

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(Minor Spoiler) 

Hi! Just a bug note, so when Rahim asks you if you want to put a memory block on Bradley. regardless of what option you chose the story progresses as if you had put up a memory block on Bradley. I also just wanted to thank you for making such an amazing series!!

If you mean the scene where Chris mentions how he looks better than usual and Roe interrupts him, it's just that scene, later parts function normally as if Brad didn't have the block, at least for me

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Oh really? Thank you so much I didn't realize that! I kinda just took a break to wait until it was fixed but nm lmao

I can't get the scene with Chris during the dream sequence even though the MC and him were on a break, they just talk as if they were friends T-T 


sooo yeah, i went on creating my mc all over again bc i just want to, but when i was about to change my mc's gender, an error occured, saying: Error: the passage "Gender, Pronouns, and Sex" does not exist.


Someone else pointed out the Chris being on break thing when there was no romance invested but also for Rahim when he appears in the exorcism scene shows a couple errors on the screen which makes me think I am missing some text? But otherwise functions normally, it also doesn't calculate his romance points unless you select the answer regarding Lucia in the dream sequence scene. I will note that that was also the only answers in which the icon for romance options appeared beside the text, it otherwise does not show with the other answers even though it is the same lines of dialog.


Just have a bug to report: After importing my game from S1 my genitals have changed from a penis to a vagina and my pronouns have changes from he/him to she/her. After fixing this in the pregame menu my pronouns are saved but my genital selection always reverts back to having a vagina. 

As long as you exited from the sex selection menu and don't come back it stays as the genitalia you chose throughout the game I think.


It doesn’t. In a later explicit scene it references that my MC has a vagina instead of a penis.


I was romancing Zillah and when I got to the dream walking part Chris was acting as if we were on a break:)) I avoided all his romance options in both seasons so it was weird but funny.


Got it. It'll be fixed in the next update. Thanks.

Is Blade/Guns and Supernatural not a stat in the 3.0 version anymore? It doesn't show on the side for me and working on reading the book doesn't increase anything.


For those reading in the future, it was fixed in the same day.




I just can’t choose between Sydero, Rahim and Zillah 😭

Chose Zillah! 😏


Whooooo an updated version! Mmmm love it <3 

But… cant move past drinking game with Rahim.. help! 

(1 edit)



S1 is updated, S2 is not. Yet. It's currently being worked on.


Oh I saw the first one was updated a while ago but I saw  the comment here so I thought the author updated this one as well:)) Anyway thank you for clarifying it for me.


i just binged the first 2 seasons of superstition. i've only had bradley for a day and a half but if anything happened to him i'd kill everyone in this room and then myself


Ah, I saw the S3 post and boy did I scream- anywho, I discovered Superstition I believe a year to two ago? Time to replay both seasons!! I also created a playlist I listen to religiously based on Superstition (I'm exaggerating a bit, but its one of the playlists I listen to a lot) https://open.spotify.com/playlist/3OWxFgaPAJ4EUWzaEKKqtY?si=5e48ef2fab394c4a

I like how in "Better Strangers" it kinda sounds like he's saying "Roe."

Also, the song Hook, Line, and Sinker by Royal Blood gives me Sydero vibes.... although, I believe I'm very off in the vibes she gives and the music she listens to. But it still reminds me of her nonetheless. 

Anyway, author/creator I am a fan of your work! I wish you the best of luck and hope you are feeling well.


This is genuinely so amazing im sobbing 😭 




When things are getting interesting but then the story ends and you have to wait for the next season... :C


Absolutely obsessed. An amazing and captivating story with really well written characters, especially Roe, they are absolutely my favorite character. I cried so much at different parts of the story because I just felt so much sympathy and pain for Roe and I find it very rare to see an IF that still manages to flesh out the main character to this degree, so truly, kudos. The protagonist is just as lovable and dimensional as every other character. In fact, this is now a Roe appreciation post.

Like, two months into the supernatural world and they venture into Hell to save their friend after dealing with everyone else's problems the entire season, never complaining or taking it personal (even when Bradley almost let them die during that cleansing), while still dealing with their own trauma/guilt/shame, the entity in their head and their body literally breaking down? I want Roe as a friend :( I love the group but they don't deserve or appreciate Roe enough tbh lolol watching Roe struggle and just feel so alone and weak the whole season hurt more than any of the Hell scenes, which built up so perfectly to that scene after Hell when Roe was crying alone in bed after Faye left because even I as the player wanted to just cry with them and give up too. Man. What a rough season for our little hybrid. (It was a rough season for everyone, especially Bradley, but this is Roe's post).

So excited for S3 :) Especially because it seems like from the ending of S2 that we'll be away from the group for a bit (which is great because honestly Roe probably needs the break) and learning more about their background and their dad and their powers!!!


This was soooo goood I'm glad I was recommended this :D 10/10

Also Zillah I love you (despite that one *ahem* thing)


finished playing for the first time last week and chose snakes as my fear. i have just gotten into a fight with a baby snake that was under my pillow when i woke up from a nap. i am never telling supernatural games my actual fear ever again bc apparently it summons them 10/10

(1 edit) (+1)

I'm still bingeing, but (MINI SPOILER) 

the part about shotgun shutting his cakehole killed me. Are you by chance Supernatural fan?

(1 edit)

I've been trying MANY times to get to the Zillah seggs scene, but each time its just interrupted or didn't happen, am I doing something wrong or something or is that it????

there's a guide to get that, i can give you the links if interested. and im pretty sure you can't be a virgin [in the game] to get it. He ran away when he found out that my Roe was a virgin 😃😁

I know, but even then. it doesn't work! Then again I was also doing a Chris route so that could explain it-

well then you could try doing an "only zillah route" maybe that'll work. I've never got the chance to start his route yet so I don't know much


I guess I could implement my first actual save from S1(where the uncle and Chris died)

im pretty sure you could change the fate of both of them at the start of S2, though do tell me how it went :


i would like a link


Amazing game but a little sad I finished it and I can't wait for s3! :)


Just whizzed through S1 and S2 and I absolutely love it 😭💘💕 The writing, plot and characters are  just 👌 🤌 chefs kiss! 

Super excited for S3!!!

(1 edit) (+9)

Wish i had a time machine man waiting is pure pain this game is too good


what does 'proSyd' mean in the guides? a sort of 'protect' milady sydero or platonic sort of deal? 

It's the variable that tracks if you care about freeing Syd from hell or not. 


Wait the game have a guide where?


Both season 1 and 2 were excellent, can't wait for season 3!


so I’m playing this game on the phone and I really don’t know How to save my gameplay, There are save files But they don’t work when you close the game

Does anyone know a more effective way to save?


just a passing thought but Chris and Roe romance path (especially non fem roe) reminds me of be nice to me by the front bottoms, overall very good 10/10 would eat again

I see it! 

How do you continue once done importing?


The page tells you what all you have to do. There's one for import then there's one for everyone.

Thanks! Also is there going to be a poly route? I absolutely adore Chris and Amari...


The only poly route that will be available is between Amari and Syd.

NO WAY???????????????????

is there anyone having trouble importing their S1 file?

Cause I can't seem to import mine. it tells me that there is an error... :(


Select your characters main fear section and choose your fear after importing, otherwise your import wont progress cause no button appears.Or worst case, its corrupted file but im sure the problem is choosing fear, cause fear part doesnt import for some reason.


I'm waiting for ya, Sydero!!!!!!!!*cough*sorry...


Omg I absolutely cannot wait for S3, Chris my beloved ♥️♥️


damn did not expect that ending
the plot is so good I'm totally immersed
Can't wait for s3!!!


Amazing story.The ending was marvelous, makes you crave for the 3rd season <3


i finished playing it from start to finish for the 2nd time just for zillah.


i may have started crying when chris walked out on me cuz i had sex with zillah..

Uh yeah quick question how/when do you get this scene? Totally asking for a friend

You have to have romantic interests in Zillah, there's a guide on how to if you want it.


why does zillah not like virgins man

he dosnt??

it was a joke, and not a serious comment.


(1 edit) (+3)

I’m feeling this void inside me after finishing this season and still in hope of the new season, not knowing when it will be released. But of course I will patiently wait for the new season, no rush OvO Grateful to the creators of this masterpiece UvU love yaaa

And actually I think I saw an error somewhere and forgot to screenshot it, it was when I chose a choice and it lead to 2 other choices: “Intervene” and “Wait”. However, both of them lead to a dead end because the content has not been written. 

Side note/ a little bit spoiler:

I was so taken aback at the scene I thought was to be hot and even hotter with zillah when he just literally ran away because Roe was a virgin XD hahahaha Thanks for the surprise lol


Does anyone know when season 3 comes out ? I been reading non stop. I absolutely love this story! and it's amazing that it's even for free !!

hello um i have a question..so ive been reading some stuff about the game and im a little confused because if i remember correctly there wasnt much said about roes parents other than there dead but ive been searching for more and i ended up on fanarts and while scrolling there was this meme about roe having a scthe... and now im wondering if i missed anything then theres also this one who asked if we'll learn more about roe's mother in s3? and then something about fucking death (quite literally)? whats this about? im so confused... is this already answered? or maybe its mentioned in wayward road? hmm.. ill just scroll a bit more to see if i could find more i guess... i cant play it for some reason so i dont know ive read about it in the comments section and found it there and im assuming its connected to s1 so there could be something said about it? i dont really know... i dont know how things really work and i dont really want to bother people with stupid questions soo...yeah thats about it oh and love the game! its fuckin great! keep up the good work :) 


You get the answer at the end of Season 2. Very vague and of course will be explored in Season 3.

And thank you! 

oh you mean when he said "welcome home my child" ? i didn't think he was serious...well thank you im starting to get more exited for s3!


A note for MAC users: if you have an ERROR when importing your save files from Season 1. 

  •  Export your save with the button on the last screen + just to be save also save your saves to your disc from the left hand menu and save it to a USB. 
  • Open the game on Windows and load your save to S1 and export from the last screen or try to import your export files right to S2 on Windows and everything should work without any errors. 
  • After a successful import do the stat check and just follow the instructions on screen in S2 before the episode starts
  • And after everything your game should start in the first episode without any loss of any stats and choices.
  • Save the begging of EP1 on the left hand side menu with  "save to disc" and than to your USB
  • Go to your MAC open the game, load your save from your USB and everything should load on the first episode where you saved with everything working properly.

And enjoy your adventure! Don't forget to rate this amazing game so more people can find it and enjoy this masterpiece!

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