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i didn't realize that the start of S3 had been posted! very excited to play through what you have so far--I  hope that your break is going well and you're taking care of yourself!


Recently saw this announcement and I hope you're taking care of yourself, honestly take as long as you need just to make sure your mental health is decent. Plus I just found out it's out already and lost track of time so I will be replaying again just to get my braincells ready-


Seconding this. Take as much time as you need dev. Healh, mental or physical, always comes first.

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Will u release episode five before u take a break?


from my understanding its not complete - so no they wont be


Well!!! Time to replay for the 4th time! Please prioritize your own health! You matter so much more than a game. Take as long as you need. We'll be waiting!! xoxo


guys, there will be no susperstition update for a long time. tierra needs a good break to take care of themselves.


Eh, why not... I needed to seperate myself from games like this anyways. No worries 13leagues ! stay safe and rock on !


Noooooo😭 i lived for this 🥲 take care of yourself


I cant see the post whats it say?


Oh man is it delayed? :(

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Has been for a while now apparently ?

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i don't like adoel and that's it. stay away from rahim, your piece of shit.




It all depends i suppose. Not really for this season yet. He kinda fucked Roe over in season 2. So you can choose if you still want to even talk to him and keep the romance option open even if you two aren't on good terms or you can just choose to be done with him and not want to speak to him at all while you are in purgatory. I chose to talk to him still but then you get the scene where Azreal tells him he sees what's going on between him and Roe. You only see that scene if you choose you still want to hear him out.

I am hoping that we get to atleast sort shit out with him in this update  

i agree w the last sentence and thanks for telling me!!


im inlove with zillah IM WAITING FOR THE EPISODEEEE


I just want to say that, goddamn it's been so long I've waited this story season to be out. Once the notification out, I was beyond delight that I restart from season one xD. And definitely will repeat that when last chapter season out. I cannot express my happiness enough but I am satisfied. Haven't play this season yet, gonna work my ass first then have a good old comfy time reading this on my bed. Thank you for your amazing work 13leagues.

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You can still romance zillah it just shows how you havê been treating him 

(Sorry for my bad english i not from U.S)


Okay so, I think that we can still romance characters with 'Friend' status on them as I just got to Chris part which I will write far down to avoid spoilers. 


I finally got to the moment that I've been waiting for since the beginning of season 1. Chris' confessing his love for me and having the chance to romance him. BUT OH MY GOD!!! I already fall deeply in love with those 2 motherfathers meanies(Rahim and Zillah). And yep, I'm a masoschist for those 2. So yeah........... I rejected Chris......... AND OH MY GOD WHAT THE DUCK WAS THAT CHOICE? 



Okay so,this game is so damn good! like i love the characters ,the story,the drama,did i mention that i LOVE the characters?

currently Rahim and Zillah own my heart

and yes before any of you asks I AM a huge masochist.

 looking forward to the next update!!!


Smashing my head into a wall @ my roe just. ignoring zillah trying to chat abt their shitshow of a relationshp. roe. babe. i get it but at the same time... JUST TELL THE SHADE YOU WANT TO SMOOCH HiM PLEASE (no rly tho im loving the pain here. yes vihaan i AM a masochist. ty for noticing)


Chris chris chris chris chris chris


Love it lol

Am I the only one who hasn't gotten episode 4 yet?

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Make sure you have updated the game. If you already have and still have this problem, then make a Save file to your Disk and play the game online.




I simply wanted to post my appreciation for the writer of this story and everyone that is involved with it. Thank you for dealing with all of our expectations and wants. I appreciate this project so much and i sincerely hope it blows up like crazy because more people deserve to be reading this masterpiece. Happy holidays aswell to everyone seeing this and have a great break if you are blessed enough to get one. 💜


 I need ep 4 now jddnjdbdjs

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hey, ahn..... 

and i hope i'm not sounding too desperate... i need love and affection (to zillah)



no one is gonna interrupt bradley's happy time. no one. 

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Rahim and Zillah keep doing my head in but I'm too damn stubborn.. or just a clown.. to give up. I started reading season 1 and never thought I'd get this emotionally involved with a story ever. But bloody hell this is some fantastic writing. Can't wait for today's update!! 


yooo me too but i just wanna zillah

this fucking stupid bastard idiot asshole motherfucker–

but i wanna him so bad, so I'll give him this chance

everyone deserves a second chance (not everyone.....) 

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I used to romance sydero until amari showed up, she's what my mc deserves: something better ❤️‍🩹



Found these a few days ago and I am finally caught up and now I don't quite know what to do with myself!

Those are great! Sydero is a little shit but she owns my entire heart, and I adopted Bradley, he's mine now. The whole gang is great and Chanara better come join up soon.


It's funny because when Sydero was like "you don't know me", I went "I did not go through literal hell for you and manage to find out who the real Syd was with only 1 question I didn't know the answer to and to which you didn't even give the right answer for you to tell me I don't know you" but that wasn't an option 😂

Anyway, honestly, good job! You got me waiting on the 13th with impatience 

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Sydero...!!! She's such an ass but I still want herrr lmaooo

And I'm gonna need Chanara to go ahead and make Earth her temporary residence. 


That Chris confession was everything I dreamed of and wanted :))

My heart is satisfied after the wait and friendzones <3


Sydero... make me yours. I would literally let you ruin my life. AND CHANARA.. UGHHH CHANARA!! My fucking heart can't, I'm in fucking heaven... well in purgatory technically but ahhh i love my women so much


I'm trying all guy routes and why am I doing this to Roe? Poor Roe.... like Zillah and Rahim... my dudes.... why? Chris, you're a beautiful, cuddly bean. Hahahaha. 


Romancing Zillah is making me wanna bang my head against the wall but this is the life I signed up for. Gots to see it through 


Romancing Chris (as a guy): Finally getting over the struggles since s1
Romancing Zillah: Sighs in frustration and love 
Romancing Rahim: Sighs in (even more)  frustration and love

These men have me in a chokehold I swear


Chris is an idiot but he is my idiot


I went with chris, I cried, now I don't want him anymore😒... I went with Rahim... he rejected me even though he had feelings for me🥲... now wait for my sacrifice 😶.


I am honestly so obsessed with this story.  I have read both prior seasons and loved every second. Thank you for such great writing. And also as part of the let's torture ourselves club I'm obviously romancing Zillah and Rahim. I like hurting myself. 😭


Zillah you can't do this to my poor Roe. He's a damn mess already. 😭 Just stop being stubborn and smooch the sad bastard!!

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this was 👌 as one of the masochists here romancing Rahim & Zillah ...imtotallyfine


rahim... pls reject roe if you can't go with her ; ;


Today is the day. Next chapter releases! Hope Zillah wont ignore that we had a thing in season 2. Please senpai notice me! 😭

Help! At the end of season 2 when Azrael was talking about how they found MC I was like nooooo

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I know people have addressed this, but what date is this supposed to be? It looks like it could be Nov.22, but hasn't released yet.. As well, is the Error (Error: <<include>>: passage "StatTamer" does not exist) because of the current ending or something else? I apologize if this has been answered ><

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13leaguestories Tumblr: Due to how busy I'm going to be next week with family and traveling due to the holidays, S3's Episode 3 is going to be released on the 29th instead of the 22nd. 


Oh, thank you! I don't use Tumblr often; I appreciate the information ^^


Of course. Always glad to help. :)

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That last page made me doubt what the current date was.

Me after staring at it for three minutes:


Loool same 


Aw hell naw. I'm not waiting till.. *checks notes* July 22nd of 2022 for another update!


Old Notes, that was earlier this year lol.  No next I think is 22nd this month


a lot of the interactive fiction on this site is either trash or unfinished, you may literally be the best creator in the genre here. i really love your stuff! Also, in your opinion, who's your best written character in the game?


Not to bag on other creators, but TOO many IF games are left unfinished and abandoned. It's such a disappointment, but I love 13Leagues games, writing and characters!


Agree with this. There are plenty of really really talented people who have written ifs on here. There are just so many that never see completion. 😭 i've only stumbled across a handful of ifs that i didnt enjoy! (mostly because of mc being gender locked or being a genre i'm not interested in) which is painful because i have over 30 ifs that i'm following and a bunch appear to have been abandoned.


Oh, brother do I feel your pain :')

I have made a collection of 80(!?) IFs, a handful of which have been abandoned, like less than 5 have been completed, and more than half of what's left gets updated like twice a year if I'm lucky and the rest (which are sadly very few) are actually making good progress lol

It's a harsh world for us IF lovers out there :'''''')


it's so painful haha. but it does let me really really appreciate all the awesome authors out there who provide me with ANY content (esp FREE CONTENT?? ? yall are too good for me) to devour 0:)

So I keep getting stuck with an error  passage Stattamer doesn't  exist  and then I  can't  go  any further I have tried two different versions and it does the same thing at trying to start episode 3.


Not an error and Ep 3 isn't out yet.

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Elaborating on what the author said, and as per described in the game's page, Superstition is an episodic interactive fiction. Chapters are released from time to time. If it's not there, it's because hasn't been written yet. Follow the creator to receive notifications whenever an update is released. :D


Im really glad I checked my Itchio as this game updated and genuinely this series is my favorite here ! Has not only great inclusion to LGBTQA+ but also such deep story I can't help myself but love

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