"When you're dead, you're dead. That's it." - Marlene Dietrich

Purgatory, the land of death and the origins of supernatural beings. Also, the place you find yourself in. Your past unravels as all the pieces you lacked in the past suddenly appear at your feet. Answers you never thought you would get now find themselves within your grasp. But that doesn鈥檛 mean you know what to do with them. Though your past is no longer a mystery, your future is. And it does not look bright. Another prophecy comes into play, and bonds are tested, strengthened, and broken.

If you thought everything in your past was the real test, then you were wrong. You are now officially in this life. There is no going back. There is no place for regrets and second thoughts. In a world as big as yours, will you be the prey or the predator?

  • Solidify your romance with one of five previously romance-able characters, or try on for a new romance, or just keep it moving and grooving.
  • Unlock the mysteries of your past while unraveling all that awaits you.
  • Figure out what type of supernatural you鈥檒l be and where your values and strengths lie.
  • Get your weapon, learn how to master and embrace your newfound powers and become a major player in the game.
  • Will a choice today affect the final look of your future?

Superstition is for 18+  due to dark themes, alcohol references, gore, violence, and sexual themes. Reader discretion is advised.

Superstition also involves themes that may be triggering to some. Themes, situations, conversations that revolve around: rape, abuse (alcohol, domestic, drugs, etc.), trauma, harassment, suicide, etc.

Superstition is released in an episodic television fashion, meaning that every other week (not counting breaks) a new episode will be released. A new episode will be released on a bi-weekly schedule on Tuesday, starting October 25, 2022 and ending on -.

This is the third season to a four season series. This series allows you to move over your saves so that the game can remember your choices. To play the other seasons please see below:

Due to the following links not being iPhone friendly, here's the link for those who would like to play the game on the iPhone. Also DO NOT play this game using the itch.io app. The save system will produce an error and though you can play, will disallow you from saving.

Season One | Season Two | Season Three | Season Four 

Email: 13leaguestories@gmail.com

Tumblr | Twitter | Patreon | Discord

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android, HTML5
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(334 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction, Action
TagsEpisodic, Romance, supernatural, Text based, Twine


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just caught up, love this and thanks so much to the author. Fingers crossed the hiatus ends soon


Superstition has dragged me back to interactive fiction games, truly the best of them and none could match the writing and worldbuilding and the feeling this has induced in me, special place in my heart come back soon dev <3


I love this book and it's characters so much <3 I hope the ride never ends.

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Has anyone gotten a 10+ in romance with Zillah? I keep on hearing about a lot of love scenes in episode 4. I'm stuck with a 7 with him and even replayed it again and still a 7. Plus someone said they got to call him Daddy? When!? I followed the guide to a T and should have had 10 with him.

Same... Stuck with 7..

And, can we lock on his romance route? '-'

You can actually

I got 12 with him

I'm pretty sure you'll have to begin with 10. I changed the romance points in the beginning by looking through the romance options, and you could focus on one person. (Chris, that angel dude, and Zillah) When I close Zillah, I automatically got ten points in the beginning, later adding to 12 at the end of the fourth chapter. You can call him Daddy when he tells you to get weapons, and you can also choose to lock in romance options!

Hope this helped :) Just tell me if you need smth else!!

Yo how do we enter the poly relationship with Syd/Amari? I have 10+ romance on both of them and the poly variable on.

I don't see the lock in with Syd/Amari romance. Did I do something wrong? I have 11 romance points with both.


i pulled an all nighter in the summer to play the three seasons back to back and now i am just waiting for any update at all and i hope that i didn't forget the plot . Great work <3


I've read the current content of the series a Godly inappropriate amount of times and now i'm about to read it again. Stop creating such good IFs I BEG OF YOU!! STOP ENABLING ME!! My addiction to your work in general is not healthy. 

What story format do you use on Twine?

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So I have a problem... or something. Currently playing Episode 4 and I just noticed (in the coding) that there are a BUNCH of scenes you only get with a character if you have 10 romance points with them. I romanced Rahim (as a male MC) in the last episode and, to my knowledge, scored every romance point while still playing a character with a more stoic personality rather than a sweet one, and yet when I came into this 3rd part I only had 6 romance points with him and nothing I could have done so far has gotten me any more on top (I checked the coding), save for adding points at the start of the season, which I didn't want to do since it felt inorganic. So I've missed most of the romance parts including one that felt weird to have missed where he 'saves' the MC from being 'killed' in the first fight with the demons. It was honestly weird having my MC, who had kissed Rahim and who Rahim confesses to having strong feelings for, just stand there being strangled, etc when I read what I would have gotten had I had 10 romance points.
I get if it didn't meet the 10 point benchmark, but am a bit miffed it means Rahim wouldn't have even tried to help me and Amari did it instead.
In fact, the lack of romantic interaction with Rahim in general sucks at below 10 points, even minor bits that would make sense to happen for someone that is interested in my character. He doesn't even act happy or relieved to see my MC, beyond what everyone else does, when MC returns from Purgatory. 馃槕
I understand 6 isn't the same as 10, but it shouldn't mean SO little.


Would've liked to have known that Syd was aro before I got invested several years ago.  I'm personally not interested in 'romancing' a character who can't reciprocate the MC's feelings.

It has been stated that she is at least leaning on the ace spectrum. When you create your character in each new season, it is mentioned.


It said that you could romance her with with an aro character, not that she was aro herself


You're right, my mistake :0


Agreed there, personally I was quite invested in that relationship, the entire S2 felt like peak fiction chasing after her but just the begining of chapter 3 really rather ruined it for me :X Very dissapointing from my point of view.

Its the writers business of course and she is a great character besides, but yea, knowing that the relationship is generally impossible to exist in the proper sense of the word makes it weird that she is labeled as "romanceable". 

I had hoped that there was more to it, even after I read the start of Season 3 but it was confirmed by the writer so thats just that. Nothing against writing such a character but I agree that it should be made clear to the reader in advance, otherwise I would have absolutely adored this romance, as is, it just cant really be called that.

sorry I'm dumb, what was confirmed by the writer


Help idk what happened but when I try to import my data from s2 it gives this notificationand then just does not load anything at all

Does locking into the Sydero route lock you out of the Sydero/Amari route?

There's an option alongside the solo route that's for the poly route. Both of them are labeled as such.

I don't see the lock in. Did I do something wrong? I have 11 romance points with both.


Soooo...when do we get to call Zillah daddy again?


I'd love to have Zillah call my male MC 'daddy'. lol.

I just love the fact that we're able to make a lust demon question our life choices when it comes to bedding...whatever Zillah is. He was lust as well, or something similar/associated, didn't he say/indicate?


Hello! I do not usually write comments too often, but I liked this and wondered if a poly route with the guys would be possible. Cause, to be honest, I am horrible with decisions and loved all three!

-Kind regards, Nico

馃憖 I'd love know as well... 馃憖

I'd love a poly with Chris and Rahim, tho Rahim does mention he's a one-partner kind of guy. Maybe Chris x Zillah? Hmm...


does anyone know if this is still being updated? i'm so utterly in love with all the characters and storyline 


The author posted on Tumblr about it.



thank you! really appreciate it <3


give us some christmas updaTE OR NEW YEAR'S


I can't get the download to work 馃ゲ


yeah, play it on the website version of itch. it will work on there.

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It's wonderfully great! One of the best Interactive fiction I've read! It's engaging and mature, and the characters are so well-written!


can the shapeshift police guy be a romance option pls?

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Are you mentally ill? 


Ehh now i have a stalker in all my posts lol

why would you want him-


idk im sorry




literallyyyyy i want himmm

Are there only 4 eps in Superstition 3? guys please tell me I'm confused


yes, the season still in progress

Please someone tell me can i get Zillah romance update even if i don't buy the game

can you get the zillah romance update even if you don't buy it?

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of course hun

just restart the game (this season) 

it was just an update

thanks dearrr


okkkkkk sooo spoilers spoilersejeoj

chris!! my fucking heart, bradley, sydero, chris, god i cant.. i love all of them sm, and chris?? hello,, we finally did WHAT AQZSSHNKJA istg why cant chris just idk spawn irl or sumn ughhhhhhhh he's so dkosi i loved everything, esp sydero when she ( finally? ) let roe be her friend LIKE TYSM. omg and bradley, he deserves everything in this entire wordlldcskd amari too, theyre so cuteeeee. omg also zillah's romance route, its so in depth i think i played it twice, its so deep and genuine and truly speaks his story, i like zillah alot fuck i love all of them, the little details that the choices make in the script and game, everything is so amazing, my thoughts are jumbled but i really love this alot, author's so creative its crazy, i wish nothing but the best for u, really really hoping ur okay and u can and will win, mental illness is fucking tough and a bitch, ur coming out on top, please be safe and take care<3


please sydero lemme love you girl 馃槶


Please just tell  me I'll be able to punch Adoel's face, I hate them so much jajajajaja


yess plss tierra

Hello! Loving the series so far, i'm really enjoying reading and playing nero's history.

Recently i went out from the purgatory to earth with zillah and got stuck in a Best friend supposed talk. It doesn't display any character and i can't skip it. Does it end there? Or is it just that i screw up something? Please help me, thanks!!!

Hello there! First of all I absolutely adore this series :)

Unfortunately I have come across a problem: every time I try to load my previous roe data it doesn't work and I have to start from scratch, it says it's a script error, can I do anything about it?

how many episodes are out so far?


About 4 episodes!

Deleted post
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Hi! I downloaded the game (and the two other seasons with a $2 donation for additional files) but when I try to open the zip file it doesn't work ;-;

Either I am told that the file is not recognized, or it opens but in a folder with just the content of the game but without the software that allows it to be launched D:
(sorry I'm not sure that's clear,
English is not my native language and I don't know much about computers)

The games really look incredible, I'd love to play them!
Is there any solution/help for my problem?

Thank you so much in advance <3


Either A. simply play the game in browser as it's given. No need to download the game itself as it's free. Or B. unzip the game first and after you unzip it, simply open the index.html file and it will open in browser to play.


The html file worked, thank you so much! <33


I'm patient Personally, I want the writer to complete the story how they want it. And I enjoy their creations.

Deleted 221 days ago

I don't want to be disrespectful, but I think that even if an update  is probably what everyone here is hoping for, comments like yours will only add to the creator stress considering the previous post/s 馃


Zillah zillah zillah zillah zillah.......... 馃槏馃グ Zzzzz.... 



anyone having trouble downloading this season? i got the others effortlessly but this one absolutely refuses to download for me :(


Has the season finished? Or is it still in progress?

in progresss


Thank you


I love the Zillah rewrite so much!!! His angst really got me lol nicely done!!


I can't wait for more!! 馃槏


Whats the update? the next ep? 馃憖 


No, it was just adding a bit more to Zillah's romance and a few bug fixes. I'll make an announcement when all that comes back.


Ohhh ok! The Zillah's romance update was amazing! Thank you!

Deleted post
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