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I'm curious what things change your personality and how much it affects the game? Mostly wondering if I can go back and change some things to fix the personality type (also whether romance interactions change due to personality since i'm a bit confused why my character seems more aggressive than i was going for lmao)

i love this story, great job


Does anyone know what Wayward Road is about? I know the author said a short story but is it related to Superstition??


I'm late but Wayward Road is a short story game that takes place in the first season of Superstition. It features 3 romance routes + a non romantic one and also NSFW content. (You will still play as Roe and the ROs are the ones that are currently present in season 1)

Syndero Syndero.. When shall you return?  

Absolutely amazing and VERY long. How is this free?


A great game!! I'm not even fully through Season 1 and dread the moment when I reach the end of Season 2.

The reason why I comment now and not at the end, is that I encountered an error. There was one page where Sydero asked if I ever encountered cryptids before and you can answer "No, except for the Entity", even when you haven't told her about the Entity before. And she reacts as if you already had told her.

Hope this is the place to post this. Other than that, this story has me hooooked!! Thank you for sharing your imagination with us!

I LOVE IT. I've just finished season 1 and now playing season 2 but i gotta say, i absolutely love this! But i can't seem to export the data though and had to redo my Roe :( but other than that, really good! 

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I love this game so much, I have been playing s1 and s2 twice in the past 3 days.

I do have a question dose picking Trans give u different things 2 say 2  ppl or dose it change how u are talked about at all?


This game is a masterpiece! I reeeeally loved the story and the all characters (not Sydero, she's such a jerk), I just finished both seasons, but I started all over again, because I can't stop playing. Anyway, I have two questions, first, how do I load a save from the season one to season two? I tried to load it but it says this save is from the wrong game. And two, will you make possible to have poly relationship? I mean I liked Chris, and I also liked Rahim, but a certain "entity" also caught my eye, sooo I'm just wondering if it'll be possible to date all of them at the same time, but it's okay if you don't want to. Have a nice day <333

You clearly got further than me; do you mind if I ask how you kept Chris from the whole thing with the dirty cops? I'm struggling but dont' really wanna continue unless I can hopefully keep that from happening. D:

I followed this guide (I don't know if it will help, but it worked to me)↓↓:

!! this looks promising, thank you so much!! I was so sad when I kept messing up no matter what I tried. xD many thanks!!

Glad to help ;3

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I'm not certain about a 'poly' route, however you can attract all three at the same time and have them battle over you without much of a problem (though I think in B3 we have to choose a route- however, I may be ill informed). 

Don't romance Sydeko at all in the first book, Rahim will not like it. Instead, rack up as many Chris romance points as you can to combat any lost points you get from hitting on Rahim in B2. From there flirt with Zillah, Rahim and Chris at the same time, collect all of their points with help from the guide if needed. 

Don't sleep with any of the flings and don't flirt with them in front of Chris either. He's very sensitive. Zillah doesn't mind at all, he kind of finds it funny in regards to Chris but he's salty at Rahim.

Then voila you have successfully seduced the group and get some interesting tidbits. I have only ever played as a female!Roe, so I'm not certain about how it would go for a male, or non-binary.

Um when is season 3 gonna be released? im dying to play it


On their tumblr it says that they haven't yet started it. But they do have some other interesting stories!



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I can’t export my save :( I downloaded the game because I thought it would be better than playing it on a browser (definitely regret it now), and now I honestly don’t know how to export the save files. I transfered the game to an iOS device btw.


Update! It's not the export mechanic that's broken but I suspect that the import mechanic on season 2 is. I managed to import my save on season 2 by sending the files that I downloaded on my phone to my pc and importing it there, and then I made a save file on my pc and send it to my phone bcs that is not broken for some reason. I hope I helped those of you that had to deal with the same issue, hope this gets fixed. 


2nd Update! You can't export your files if you downloaded the game (on a mobile device at least dk about pc) 

To save files directly to your device you need to select the option save to disk, and then to load a save you need to select load from disk.

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I set my Roe to afab nonbinary but Chris keeps referring to them as he/him and I'm getting the scenes as if they were a man??

So, I've played both Superstition seasons 1 & 2, and I have been inspired to create my own twine story. Problem is, I don't know how to program a twine project. I am mildly to moderately proficient in CSS and JavaScript, but I'm not sure how to apply it to twine. Does anyone know where I could learn how to program a Twine project?

Ummm I may be a bit late, but just use Twine! You can find it on, as well as many guides, hope this helps :) (I'm also working on Twine projects, but mostly just trying out the functions xD.)

I am in love with this. It is so good.

This game was SO much fun and went into a ton more depth than I was expecting! I adored all of the characters, and liked the episodic nature of the stories. I'm so glad I played this,  I can't wait to see what else you create :D 


Really? You blend every single shitty supernatural tv show and movie together and just throw it out here like a awful smoothie of cliches? even adding in bond villain stupidity. wow. Much game. very fun. so good. At least you could have made up a original twist to the premise, ffs. 


is it really that bad? i haven't played it yet but this is the only comment that paints it in a bad light.


No, it's not bad at all. This person is just bitter to be bitter. Not sure what they expected considering it's a story about the supernatural, so, naturally, it'd explore commonly known superstition and legend, but that's beside the point. 

It's a fun interactive novel that does the interactive part extremely well-- choices change depending on your stats, and even the dialogue between yourself and the characters change depending on your decisions. Would highly recommend giving it a read!


Jeez, are you okay pal? Need a hug? Who hurt you so much you felt the need to create an account just to behave like an ill-mannered child?  :v



All that money your family pays so you can go to school, and yet you still choose to shit all over grammar. At least this author made good use of their classes. What novels have you written? Or did you write any at all?

Plain and simple, just say you didn't like it instead of acting like a spoiled brat.


Awesome game.

I have a question but it's probably spoilerish so I'll be vague. I discovered 'by accident' from Wayward Road, that a certain character whose name starts with Z is romanceable (which kinda shocked me tbh, I never would have guessed lol). Is said character actually romanceable in season 1 of Superstition, and you just have to try to be nice to them to unlock it, or is that only something that sort of starts in season 2? I haven't played S2 yet, I just want to find out if it's possible so I can go back and replay S1 going after Z 'the right way', before moving on to S2 with my C and S romances.


It starts in season 2.

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I love it! Its really good combine with my great imagination.. Man i feel like watching a tv show its really interesting hope to see more of this ^^

Though i cant seem to be able to save the export on this sadly..  Guess going to start fresh on every season 

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Does anyone know any good text based games similar to this one which you would reccomend while waiting for more chapters to come out?


I'm really digging Scout, An Absinthian Ballad is good too but not as far along

Thanks, I'll check it out.


A Tale of Crowns (ATOC) is another great one. It's a Kurdish adventure romance. It's gets updated fairly regularly and is very well written. :)


I love the story sooo much and you did a great job. 

But I detected some spelling errors in the game. Also, when I'm rerun the game and playing with a choice without Chris, in chapter For The Crown, after MC got out from the book, it still mentioned "Chris stared at the ceiling" part. So, I was a bit confused there because I didn't pick a choice to take Chris for the journey with MC where Chris supposed not to be there. I hope you could fix this. 

And lastly, again you did a great job with this game. The story is amaaazing. I'm looking forward for 3rd season of the game. <3<3<3


I'd love for this to be on android but honestly either way this is a great game.

Love the customization and inclusion of genderqueer MCs, a lot of people forget to add in trans folk and it kinda sucks. Great game, love the mechanics :D




I just finished playing Superstition and wow, what a ride! I'm ready to go ver and play season 2 right now!

Is higher nerve good or bad? Me and my friend aren't sure, they have their nerve over 100, where as mine is 29! 


Neither is good nor bad. Certain situations work with higher nerve, and certain situations work better with lower nerve.

When I download the zip file for Superstition, I extract it but it does not extract as an application. Instead it just shows all of the files within the game. What do I do to run the game?

It's a browser game so after extracting you open the index file and it'll take you back into the browser to play it.

Thank you


Really like this game. Fun characters and story!

What did you use to make this though? I'm kinda curious.


Twine. You can find it here.


Oh thanks! And waiting for those new chapters. Good luck with the writing!


thanks for this amazing story


I really love this story and cant wait to read more in S2 <3 Of course i love the most mysterious, angry shadow ever.  I love this adorable gang of misfits.


Awww I love this game so much! I was even more excited to buy the Wayward Road! I can't wait until season 2! Keep up the awesome work!


Will you ever create a discord server for this?


Many thanks :)

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This is amazing can't wait to see more!

*still love it a lot!



Truly excited for all upcoming Tuesdays. I am loving the introduction to this universe. Can't wait to see more of your written art! 


This is incredible really, I can't wait to see more, there are so many choices!!! It was almost like being a real protagonist in a book.  just WOW.


IK its amazing :D