Superstition Title

su·per·sti·tion :: a widely held but unjustified belief in supernatural causation leading to certain consequences of an action or event, or a practice based on such a belief

A simple college student. Those were the words that once described you, and you would’ve shrugged your shoulders in agreement. Your day was a never-ending cycle of the same thing. Wake up, go to class and study, work, visit your uncle, go to sleep, have traumatic nightmares, and repeat for another day. So, it would be an understatement to say that you didn’t sign up for this.

You didn’t sign up for the supernatural, to learn that werewolves, shapeshifters, witches, demons, and angels all exist. You didn’t sign up for the target that now resides on your back, and the list of names that have you to blame for their untimely demise. And now, to add on to everything else, an old friend is re-appearing. Everyone has a secret, and you have no idea who you can trust.

Fight and hunt that which goes bump in the night. And avoid those that hunt you for their own purposes. Meet others with their own agenda. The world has shown its true colors, it’s up to you how to deal with it.

  • Play as male, female, or non-gender specific, along with transgender choices.
  • Romance one of five characters, have flings, or stay single because life is hectic enough as is.
  • Customize not only your appearance, but also your personality and how you deal with the ever-changing world around you.
  • Hunt a wide array of supernatural creatures but be hunted by others.
  • Learn the truth of your past, and how it will impact your future.
  • Uncover secrets that aren’t yours to uncover.

Superstition is for 18+  due to dark themes, alcohol references, gore, violence, and sexual themes. Reader discretion is advised.

Superstition is released in an episodic television fashion, meaning that every week (not counting breaks) a new episode will be released. A new episode will be released every Tuesday, starting April 9, 2019.

Due to the following links not being iPhone friendly, here's the link for those who would like to play the game on the iPhone. iPhone Link. Also DO NOT play this game using the app. The save system will produce an error and though you can play, will disallow you from saving.

Season One | Season Two | Season Three | Season Four


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PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreInteractive Fiction, Action
Made withTwine
Tagsamare, Episodic, Romance, supernatural, Text based
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsMouse, Touchscreen, Smartphone
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Is there a way to fix the ''Dead Chris'' bug? Last night i restarted and cant pass that stage unless i edit the save file which doesnt always work properly.I played this alot of times and never encounter such a bug bfor.Something messes up the choices.

Chris didn't die (I choose to throw the knife) but the game doesn't recognize it and acts like he died anyway?

I know the guides aren't exactly reliable right now, so that's why I'm asking: did the requirements for Langston to be sacrificed change? I tried to have him sacrificed but he always seems to still be alive at the end.


It's a bug. Next update will have it fixed.


[[Go for stealth.]] ---> Raum will use one of the demons as a sacrifice, both Langston and Petri will get out alive

The guide told me this but the opposite thing happen, Raum still kill Langston *sighs* 

What were your choices for this chapter? I seem to have the opposite problem. Langston won't get sacrificed no matter what I do :T


for me it worked just fine?

first, dont let Zillah take control of your body ever in the whole game so he doesn't kill Langston

idk what happens if you get injured but I used a gun then let him run away

then take out the demons instead of going for stealth at the hideout

he should get sacrificed iirc, its been a few weeks since i did this

Ah, so Langston's fate is also decided on how he got away last chapter? My Roe fainted and was beaten up by him (probably because they had less than 40 nerves at the time), so does that mean he won't get sacrificed?

i think it should work fine as long as he gets out of the encounter alive, either by Roe being too injured or Roe letting him go without Zillah having taken over them before

but we've had some bugs before where for example Chris would die no matter what you did unless you persuaded Syd to help him

try choosing [[Take out the demons now.]]  when at Raum's hideout, thats the option that SHOULD get him sacrificed later (not instantly!!)

It doesn't work; it still ends the same. Thanks for trying to help though. I think I'm just going to go the easy route and pretend he was sacrificed in season two.

(1 edit)

I think Ebony right I did exactly what they did but instead of gun I used blade and voila he get sacrificed 

P.S : No matter what I choose to go stealth or just take out the demon, the aftermath is still the same Raum will sacrifice Langston 

About the android version, how exactly do i download it? Ive tried many times and i cant seem to figure it out, even turning the .zip into a .apk doesnt let me actually install it.


download JoiPlay, extract the .zip file and open JoiPlay, make a new game or whatever it is and select the html file you get from extracting the zip file, i can show with screenshots if that doesnt make sense!

(1 edit)

Id really appreciate some screenshots haha, i cant make sense of joiplay for the life of me

of course! 

give it a little bit to load and it should show up like this, just tap it and wait for it to open

thanks so much dude! I can't believe something so simple was so hard for me to figure out XD 

i may or may not have stayed up and played this for the past 5+ hours whoops, i also just started episode 9

just a question, i checked the guide and it says Chris confesses to you if youre female/trans fem, my character is trans male, does that mean i dont have a chance with him..? bc i didnt see any mentions of him confessing if MC isnt female D:


You will have your chance. As of season 1 Chris thinks he's straight, so nb and male Roe (including trans man of course) get a very different development. Very worth it imo! Just wait for season 2 <3

i finished  season 2 Zillah route about two hours ago, for some reason i gave up on Chris but this actually makes me really motivated to replay season 2 for Chris route!! thanks <3

also im down bad for Zillah, its not even his (as one of the characters said (i have memory problems cough) ) "high libido", im just a simp for fucked up characters man. thanks again, if u hadnt sent this I would've probably skipped Chris completely

Is there a way for Langston to stay alive in the end?
I played second time with a goal to keep him alive, but... ended up killing him in a fight... without a choice...
I know that in a season two I can choose that he's alive, but... don't want to do it THAT way


Here is a link to the Plot Guide for s1! You can scroll down on the link to see what choices determine Langston's fate.


Many thanks to you, my savior

(1 edit) (+1)

Not sure if this is still relevant, but here's a bug i found < save


Are you going to update season 2 w s1's UI changes? I love the added depth to the character relationships!


Yes, they are!

Can you add Sydero's character profile for when you first meet her?


This is probably a bug, but I can't seem to save Chris. I stop Raum from slicing Chris's throat but in the next scene he's dead??

(1 edit) (+4)

I don't know if it's this that you're referring to, but initially I also couldn't manage to save him even if Raum didn't harm him. I played around with it more and found out that if MC ignored Chris' phone call earlier then he survived and can join the team, but if MC answered it then he can survive the fight initially (I think there's a line about him making a sound as he's being freed) but he's not in the car after Sydero arrives... Maybe she doesn't grab him / wait for him to get in the car if she thinks that it was MC's fault?

Hey that worked! Thank you so much 😭❤


I came back to replay season 1. Don't know if it's just me, but I cannot save online, or on the disc.

It says "Error: prompt() is and will not be supported."

I am currently dealing with the same issue and I don't know what's causing it either. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but that still doesn't seem to fix it. The only way I'm able to play it is on chrome :/

(1 edit)

She already told me why. If you have the app downloaded, then just read superstition online. It's the app that is causing problems with the saves.

Is there any chance of an android download being added? I play in browser on my phone and if i leave the app closed for too long it just clears all of my save data




Absolute mad lad, thank you so much!


How to install android version? All I'm getting is the zip file


Idk honestly, I figured the apk would be inside the zip but it looks like it's not there

Deleted 17 days ago

I just started the game and I wanna thank you for adding the personality stats so we keep up with them. I am loving the update already.


Is Season 2 also going to get a updated version before s3 comes out?


Yep! S2's update shouldn't take as long though since it's 'relatively' recent and mostly just needs a few reworks and additions due to S1's changes.

(1 edit) (+2)(-1)

Wonderful gameplay so far, I won't comment on the game itself because I haven't finished, though I noticed something. (spoilers)

If you play as a trans guy and choose to sleep with Ash in episode 8, the text describes you as a cis man. If you choose to sleep with Morgan earlier on, it does not which is great! 

Did I press something wrong, is there a way to fix this?


how do i turn of music

When is season two coming out? I NEED more!


Season two is already out, season 3 is in Progress. Follow 13Lagues on Tumblr if you want to be updated. 

(1 edit) (+2)

I found season after saying this... but thank you so much for replying. It was very kind of you. You make it a lovely day/night.

Edit: Season2


I have to ask..

Is there a sex scene with Sydero or is it just the drink kissing scene because I made the wrong choices? :(


No, you didn't. Only flings are in S1, S2 only Zillah's sex scene. And then smut for all in S3. 


OMG I cannot wait! 🖤 


Damn didn't release the choices would change SO MUCH that's a HUGE plus in my book!

I'm only on episode 2 but if I get it correctly then Chris can already die/dissappear and just be gone the entire game, or he can permanently join and have tons of dialogue too??? I never read a story where a character was determinant so early on but it really surprises me, especially cuz he's a LI aswell >_> gonna try my hardest not to f everything up now


Out of curiosity, how do you make Chris stay throughout the story? I might've underestimated the choices lmao-


Well again SPOILERS!!!!

It's actually not that hard! if I remember correctly you need to fight/push away the hand that grabs you while he is bound up because then u will get the opportunity to free him instead of leaving him behind.
After that u have to choose to let him stay with the group of course :)

And idk if u managed to do that but if you'd know how to save the uncle aswell I'd appreciate that! Didn't know he could be alive aswell cuz he died for me..

(1 edit) (+2)

Thanks and also nice Cove pfp, fellow OL player here lol-

Are we allowed to know all the romance options?


Starting season 1, Chris and Sydero. And in season 2, there are 3 more romance options ^^


I'm scared to ask, but is this game discontinued? :(


No. Season Two is out and Season Three is in progress.

Yay!! Thank you <3

(1 edit)

This is really amazing, thank you so much for making it! By the way, it took me a while to realize you made Dragon Racer as well.  By "a while" I mean to the end of the book.  >_< Great story though!  Anywho, I wanted to let you know that we've mentioned it in our list of recommended Twine stories. But if that's not okay just let me know. You can view it here, let us know if there are any other details we should add for your title --> We've also mentioned your other titles there. ^_^


This got me hooked


I'm curious what things change your personality and how much it affects the game? Mostly wondering if I can go back and change some things to fix the personality type (also whether romance interactions change due to personality since i'm a bit confused why my character seems more aggressive than i was going for lmao)

i love this story, great job


Does anyone know what Wayward Road is about? I know the author said a short story but is it related to Superstition??


I'm late but Wayward Road is a short story game that takes place in the first season of Superstition. It features 3 romance routes + a non romantic one and also NSFW content. (You will still play as Roe and the ROs are the ones that are currently present in season 1)


Syndero Syndero.. When shall you return?  


Absolutely amazing and VERY long. How is this free?


A great game!! I'm not even fully through Season 1 and dread the moment when I reach the end of Season 2.

The reason why I comment now and not at the end, is that I encountered an error. There was one page where Sydero asked if I ever encountered cryptids before and you can answer "No, except for the Entity", even when you haven't told her about the Entity before. And she reacts as if you already had told her.

Hope this is the place to post this. Other than that, this story has me hooooked!! Thank you for sharing your imagination with us!

I LOVE IT. I've just finished season 1 and now playing season 2 but i gotta say, i absolutely love this! But i can't seem to export the data though and had to redo my Roe :( but other than that, really good! 

(1 edit)

I love this game so much, I have been playing s1 and s2 twice in the past 3 days.

I do have a question dose picking Trans give u different things 2 say 2  ppl or dose it change how u are talked about at all?


This game is a masterpiece! I reeeeally loved the story and the all characters (not Sydero, she's such a jerk), I just finished both seasons, but I started all over again, because I can't stop playing. Anyway, I have two questions, first, how do I load a save from the season one to season two? I tried to load it but it says this save is from the wrong game. And two, will you make possible to have poly relationship? I mean I liked Chris, and I also liked Rahim, but a certain "entity" also caught my eye, sooo I'm just wondering if it'll be possible to date all of them at the same time, but it's okay if you don't want to. Have a nice day <333

You clearly got further than me; do you mind if I ask how you kept Chris from the whole thing with the dirty cops? I'm struggling but dont' really wanna continue unless I can hopefully keep that from happening. D:

I followed this guide (I don't know if it will help, but it worked to me)↓↓:

!! this looks promising, thank you so much!! I was so sad when I kept messing up no matter what I tried. xD many thanks!!

Glad to help ;3

(1 edit) (+5)





I'm not certain about a 'poly' route, however you can attract all three at the same time and have them battle over you without much of a problem (though I think in B3 we have to choose a route- however, I may be ill informed). 

Don't romance Sydeko at all in the first book, Rahim will not like it. Instead, rack up as many Chris romance points as you can to combat any lost points you get from hitting on Rahim in B2. From there flirt with Zillah, Rahim and Chris at the same time, collect all of their points with help from the guide if needed. 

Don't sleep with any of the flings and don't flirt with them in front of Chris either. He's very sensitive. Zillah doesn't mind at all, he kind of finds it funny in regards to Chris but he's salty at Rahim.

Then voila you have successfully seduced the group and get some interesting tidbits. I have only ever played as a female!Roe, so I'm not certain about how it would go for a male, or non-binary.

Um when is season 3 gonna be released? im dying to play it


On their tumblr it says that they haven't yet started it. But they do have some other interesting stories!



(1 edit)

I can’t export my save :( I downloaded the game because I thought it would be better than playing it on a browser (definitely regret it now), and now I honestly don’t know how to export the save files. I transfered the game to an iOS device btw.


Update! It's not the export mechanic that's broken but I suspect that the import mechanic on season 2 is. I managed to import my save on season 2 by sending the files that I downloaded on my phone to my pc and importing it there, and then I made a save file on my pc and send it to my phone bcs that is not broken for some reason. I hope I helped those of you that had to deal with the same issue, hope this gets fixed. 


2nd Update! You can't export your files if you downloaded the game (on a mobile device at least dk about pc) 

To save files directly to your device you need to select the option save to disk, and then to load a save you need to select load from disk.

(2 edits)

I set my Roe to afab nonbinary but Chris keeps referring to them as he/him and I'm getting the scenes as if they were a man??

So, I've played both Superstition seasons 1 & 2, and I have been inspired to create my own twine story. Problem is, I don't know how to program a twine project. I am mildly to moderately proficient in CSS and JavaScript, but I'm not sure how to apply it to twine. Does anyone know where I could learn how to program a Twine project?

Ummm I may be a bit late, but just use Twine! You can find it on, as well as many guides, hope this helps :) (I'm also working on Twine projects, but mostly just trying out the functions xD.)

I am in love with this. It is so good.

This game was SO much fun and went into a ton more depth than I was expecting! I adored all of the characters, and liked the episodic nature of the stories. I'm so glad I played this,  I can't wait to see what else you create :D 

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