You are a child of the illustrious House Phoenix. A beacon and a reminder of all the strength and pride that your house possesses. But running through your blood is a vile curse, one that will not only see the end of you but spell the end of your family and line. Ripped from the life you knew and with an uncertain future looming ahead, you must decide for yourself how strong you are and who truly steers your destiny. Save yourself and help change the fates of those you find yourself holding close to your heart as you fight to break a curse and uncover your fire.


  • Customize Phoenix your way, including their name, gender, appearance, and personality.
  • Five different love interests and five different stories to tell. Each with their own theme, personality, group, and journey.
  • Define your personality with different skill sets and traits that shift depending on the route.
  • A story where your route traits shift your love interest's personality. As well as choices that will open up an assortment of different paths.


Five routes that takes the reader through not only a different character but different antagonists, locations, themes, and stories. You learn different things about not only your companions but also yourself in each one with changing personality traits that have a direct effect on how the LI behaves towards you. There is no punishment! You can behave as you wish and do not have to worry about the LI wishing to break up with you, the only thing that changes is their disposition.

Choose 1 of 5 romances ...


This story contains a great deal of dark themes and content that may be triggering to certain individuals. Areas will be flagged appropriately but there are times where routes will still lead to such content due to being an integral part of the game. I.e. On one interest's route you are presented with two choices but both hold physical abuse content. The list below details what content can be seen in each route.

Universal Themes: Sensitive topics such as depression and suicide. In each route, an abuser is present.

  • Ruben's Route: Detailed physical abuse.
  • Nour's Route: Physical abuse and experimentation.
  • Ozara's Route: Emotional and mental abuse as well as gaslighting techniques.
  • Zarik's Route: Grooming, physical abuse, and possession.
  • Makaio's Route: Heavy focus on anxiety and emotional abuse.

In addition, the main character can be a victim of sexual abuse. In the story, it is possible for the reader to opt out of this theme and will be given a choice whether or not they wish to at the beginning of the story. Otherwise, this theme and conversations surrounding it will be featured in the story.

This story DOES NOT contain rape scenes and always stops at physical and verbal sexual harassment.

Again, this story is for mature audiences only. Please exercise caution and know your limits.

:: Schedule for Release ::

Public Demo Available: May 24, 2021 (Updated July 25, 2022)

Ruben Route Available: July 21, 2022

There are three different versions of this game to better fit an individual's playing style and what they may want.

Full Version

If you are planning to play the entire game and all the routes then this version will probably be best. This version will be $10 in total ($2 for each route. Each route is over 200k words and 2 CG's come with it.

Route Specific Version

If you only want certain characters (i.e. Ozara and Makaio) this is probably the better version as then you will not have to pay for routes you never wish to play. This version will be $2 for each route (totaling $10 for all routes. Each route is over 200k words and 2 CG's come with it.

Patreon Version

This version is of course Patreon exclusive and can be had by visiting my patreon. You need to be AT LEAST Tier $5/Boatswain to access the game. It comes with 2 CG's + 1 NSFW CG. 3 Additional Chapters. And ToA POV Collection.

:: Contact Me ::


Tumblr | Twitter | Patreon | Discord


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $2 USD. You will get access to the following files:

ToA Route Specific: Ruben (V2.00) 242 MB
ToA Full Game (V2.00) 251 MB
if you pay $10 USD or more

Development log


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I want to just get the Ozara route but the only one i see available is ruben's. Is it not out yet or am I missing something?

ruben’s is the only full route available i believe!

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man I would love to see this in manga form, how many routes are out and when is the next update out?

So can we actually play this on chrome or did i just waste my money?


Not sure what could be confusing, if you've bought the Ruben Route then you should be able to download it

Well I got a file downloaded on my chrome but when i open it, it doesn't do anything??


Once the download is complete it should be a zip file in your download section on our PC/Laptop called 'ToA Ruben' click that and then click 'extract all', it should then just be a normal file on your PC with a chrome link.

Easier way is If you right click the file in your Chrome download tab and then click 'Show in folder' it will take you to folder you need to open, Downloads go to your PC/Laptop, not your Chrome browser

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Hallo, is there any other way to buy this game without paypal or through itch io purchase option? For some reason my card can't do international purchase through paypal and only able to do by Steam :( btw, will this be in Steam?

Edit: i heard you still considering to put the game on Steam. I will wait even if it's took a long time :'))

lovely game! the dialogue is beautiful and thoroughly thought out, saving for paid version ❥


is there an ost for this game with all the songs?


Trying to save in the paid version gives me an error message.


Is Rubens route still the only one finished? 




I love your demo, can't wait for all the completed stories, but I'm just wondering if you will put the game on other platforms like Steam?? Thank you:)


At this moment no. Perhaps when it's done I will think more on it but I have no plans on it at the moment. Also thank you for the support, hope you enjoy all the stories you're interested in!

I have the same issue. Would eager to wait this game finally on Steam


Hello, I am trying to buy your game, I have already tried both to buy it complete ($10) or separately ($2), with and without an account, and in none of the options I get a confirmation email, or the payment is not processed; is this my fault or is the game currently not open for purchase? 

I look forward to your reply.

Thank you in advance.


The game is currently available. If the payment isn't going through then I think that's more something you'll have to get in touch with itch support. I've heard sometimes PayPal transactions fail to go through here and there.


Very well, I will do that! Thanks for the reply

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The healing journey in Ruben’s story is chef’s kiss. I think this is the first time I teared up playing an IF. It just hit so close to home. I’m looking forward to Nour’s route even more now too~

Dear comment reader, If you’re deciding on getting the route or not, DO IT. Get Ruben’s route! Thank me later ;)


Nouritis route.....

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I am confused in Nour demo why when you nice to them their bar goes down lol it's confusing Q.Q are going have to be jerk to them because that's the only time it goes up 


I noticed this too, so I checked the FAQ on Tumblr and turns out that in this game the bar doesn't indicate the affection of the NPC towards the player: it only represents their demeanor/attitude towards the player.


Ah ok ty XD


So, there's definitely been an update to Ruben's story since I last played this. Now the first encounter with him is different, but (without spoiling anything) there are references and seemingly vital information missing that used to be in the first-encounter-chapter. I just noticed because some choices have more weight to them because of what you'd learn in the dungeons. 

every time i try to save in the ruben route, it shows an error...

¿Only Ruben is completed?


Hi finally i had time to play the demo but in ozaras route when you are in the tower and have the choice to "approach the door" or "stay in the room" i get with either choice that screen. I play with a android smartphonein the web. what can i do ?


I just finished reading Ruben's story, fantastic, so mesmerizing.

 I'm wondering if the choices and stats in the game lead to different ending descriptions or do they only affect parts of the story? This determines whether I will reread the story from the beginning or just a few scenes.


As far as I remember, depending on whether your choices lead you to fiery or mindful route with Ruben, the flavor of interactions will change, and there are also scenes that you can get if you follow a certain route. 

But the ending and how the story progresses is essentially the same. I ended up doing mindful route first, but playing fiery route was definitely worth it too. 


Not only did I ball my damn eyes out reading Ruben's story, but by the time I looked out my window, the sun was in the sky staring at me with pure absolute judgment because I stayed up till 7am reading this :D. This is incredibly beautifully written and the characters are absolutely chef's kiss! You should give yourself a huge pat on the back for this and I am excited to see the rest of the LI storylines! Ofc take care of yourself and stay hydrated :) personal health comes first!

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AMAZING one of the best interactive fictions I have read, I loved Rubens storyline and the story and character development was amazing nothing felt forced the way the emotions transcended through as the story progressed was so natural my only wish would have been to have a season 2 to Rubens story line where we got to see the MC actually rule and help make decisions as a leader of two houses and see the MC meeting the Elders instead of an epilogue but I did like seeing the happy ending 

(Android) Bought the game and the download won't go through. Everytime it says irs done and I click on the file to play literally nothing happens im just staring at the screen. Two dollars isn't a lot but STILL. Can anybody help me?

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Itd be nice if there was a way to play this since i bought a route. Maybe on my kindle maybe an online platform?

did you download the itch app on your pc/laptop?


Wow I just finished Ruben's story.... It was amazing! I truly truly cannot wait for Nour's story to be released! I cried so many times but I honestly appreciated how healing was depicted in a story like this. Amazing writing and amazing interactive

How can I pay just for the two female LI routes? It seems only Ruben has the route specific.


only rubens route is done (this game is a WIP) so only his route specific is available. the game will be updated later


Ruben's route was so fleshed out and well written, I'm so excited for future updates

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I got the full version. I am so excited to see the rest of the game 


Are the other routes available in the full version?


non of them except Ruben are finished


Loved Ruben's route so much- Im excited for the rest! :D


when do you suppose will be a full release of all the other routes? 


I really enjoyed playing through Ruben's route, and I got attached to the side characters. I can't wait to read the other routes. But what made me want to comment was the last conversation Sun has with the MC. Seriously, there were some lines in there so good and powerful that I read them multiple times before I moved on, and I was choked up after all the MC had been through. Really great writing. 

Is the demo still available?

I picked this up because I played your other game, Superstition. Holy wow I love your writing. Like I would buy anything you've written. The way you write romances is amazing! I liked the story so much. I like some darkness to balance the light, and wow this delivered. Also, the slow buildup was amazing. Truly, you are so talented. Thank you for all your work and I'll look forward to any of your future writing endeavors.


I love it so much! I've been playin some other romantic interactive stories but they were all too happy and colorful, your story was just perfect *-* I was not sure I would like Ruben and at some point I went to Roz convinced I was not gonna romance him and then BANG fell in love. The whole story felt so natural and beautiful. So many choices and meaningful and with so many paths... (and some smut, thank you) really, I'm so impressed. You have won me over and have earned a fan. Gonna read all your games :D

is there any way to know more about the regions in character selection?

Go to the compendium and then lore, there is information about it there. No picture yet in this update though.


Does anyone know whose route is gonna be released next? 


they say nour’s route is going be the one they work on next update. But like this is a long time ago HAHAH I think I’ve seen they said that this is not currently being worked on right now tho. BUT again, this is a long time ago like 5 months ig.


Oh, that's too bad :(( 

I really looked forward to Nour's route!

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aww :(  I love Nour too. big hug to u 🥹💕

If you go to their website TOA is listed under in-progress and not under Haitus!


Woah, I'm happy to hear that!

I literally can't wait for Nour's route... <3


Man, I'm really excited for Nour's route, though if I'm not mistaken, it's not gonna come soon?

Doesn't matter though, whenever it's finished, I'm gonna purchase it. 


I love it so much! Unfortunately, I can't buy full routes (I'm from Russia), but I want to thank you for your hard work! ❤


This is so fucking good! I just read Ruben's route and I need to play it again choosing different options. I am so obsessed with the story and Ruben definitely stole my heart!

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