You are a child of the illustrious House Phoenix. A beacon and a reminder of all the strength and pride that your house possesses. But running through your blood is a vile curse, one that will not only see the end of you but spell the end of your family and line. Ripped from the life you knew and with an uncertain future looming ahead, you must decide for yourself how strong you are and who truly steers your destiny. Save yourself and help change the fates of those you find yourself holding close to your heart as you fight to break a curse and uncover your fire.


  • Customize Phoenix your way, including their name, gender, appearance, and personality.
  • Five different love interests and five different stories to tell. Each with their own theme, personality, group, and journey.
  • Define your personality with different skill sets and traits that shift depending on the route.
  • A story where your route traits shift your love interest's personality. As well as choices that will open up an assortment of different paths.


Five routes that takes the reader through not only a different character but different antagonists, locations, themes, and stories. You learn different things about not only your companions but also yourself in each one with changing personality traits that have a direct effect on how the LI behaves towards you. There is no punishment! You can behave as you wish and do not have to worry about the LI wishing to break up with you, the only thing that changes is their disposition.

Choose 1 of 5 romances ...


This story contains a great deal of dark themes and content that may be triggering to certain individuals. Areas will be flagged appropriately but there are times where routes will still lead to such content due to being an integral part of the game. I.e. On one interest's route you are presented with two choices but both hold physical abuse content. The list below details what content can be seen in each route.

Universal Themes: Sensitive topics such as depression and suicide. In each route, an abuser is present.

  • Ruben's Route: Detailed physical abuse.
  • Nour's Route: Physical abuse and experimentation.
  • Ozara's Route: Emotional and mental abuse as well as gaslighting techniques.
  • Zarik's Route: Grooming, physical abuse, and possession.
  • Makaio's Route: Heavy focus on anxiety and emotional abuse.

In addition, the main character can be a victim of sexual abuse. In the story, it is possible for the reader to opt out of this theme and will be given a choice whether or not they wish to at the beginning of the story. Otherwise, this theme and conversations surrounding it will be featured in the story.

This story DOES NOT contain rape scenes and always stops at physical and verbal sexual harassment.

Again, this story is for mature audiences only. Please exercise caution and know your limits.

:: Schedule for Release ::

Public Demo Available: May 24, 2021 (Updated July 25, 2022)

Ruben Route Available: July 21, 2022

There are three different versions of this game to better fit an individual's playing style and what they may want.

Full Version

If you are planning to play the entire game and all the routes then this version will probably be best. This version will be $10 in total ($2 for each route. Each route is over 200k words and 2 CG's come with it.

Route Specific Version

If you only want certain characters (i.e. Ozara and Makaio) this is probably the better version as then you will not have to pay for routes you never wish to play. This version will be $2 for each route (totaling $10 for all routes. Each route is over 200k words and 2 CG's come with it.

Patreon Version

This version is of course Patreon exclusive and can be had by visiting my patreon. You need to be AT LEAST Tier $3/Deckhand to access the game. It comes with 2 CG's + 1 NSFW CG. 3 Additional Chapters. And ToA POV Collection.

:: Contact Me ::


Tumblr | Twitter | Patreon | Discord


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $2 USD. You will get access to the following files:

ToA Route Specific: Ruben (V2.00)
ToA Full Game (V2.00) 251 MB
if you pay $10 USD or more

Development log


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I was playing the demo and picked Nours route, but it gave me the same prologue as Zariks?

I have a question, I bought Rubens Route but when I open the html none of the pictures or sounds are there. I've never really downloaded anything from so I don't really know what I'm doing lol. The demo was just too good to pass up the full route for Ruben. If you know what happened could you let me know so I could try and fix it? I really adore this game and your writing thanks ☺️


You must download ToA Route Specific: Ruben (V2.00) and then extract archive ToA with 7-zip or WinRAR

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Well, Ruben wasn't my first choice, I tried Nour in the demo and I'm still waiting for the full route, so I wasn't expecting much... BUT! It was good! very good! And I really hope that you will finish this novel and the continuation will not be long in coming.

P.S. I really like that you do not have to go through this path as a strong hero whose spirit cannot be broken, that you can give in to hopelessness and apathy, and this is not just a number on the side, but affects descriptions, thoughts and dialogues in the text. That's why I'm waiting for Nour's route.

is the game fully out

Are you not planning to release the game on Steam? I would really like to support your project and buy all the routs, but it is possible to purchase only through Steam for me QwQ


As of now, no. But I may consider it once all the routes are actually done and a very stable version is provided.

Cool! Thanks for answering! <3


Just finished Ruben's route, it was great!!! πŸ₯Ί

I can't wait to experience the others. ☺️


Ruben was the RO I wanted for my first play through! I've almost finished it. There were so many ups and downs, I loved it! I played AoT on my laptop in bed at night and during the end chapters I was crying lol. I wish I could delve into more specifics without mentioning spoilers, but I absolutely loved it! The characters were so in depth and the writing and story engaging. Seriously looking forward to other routes now! Are the RO's going to be released as displayed? Nour, Ozara, Zarik, Makaio?

Also, I want to commend you for not shying away from dark/difficult topics. From my experience so far other authors/creators avoid controversial(?) themes like this (ToA is the first game I've come across to have this, including detailed smut).

I feel like it's less alienating for people who have experienced these things, if that makes sense. And I love that there's an option to censor it instead of removing it altogether. I love the freedom of well thought out and written IF's. Thank you so much for doing what you do!

I don't really leave 'reviews' but I wanted to share my thoughts.


I think it might be important to highlight that you cannot choose your skin colour when you say you can choose your appearance, as for many this is likely to be the most/one of the most important aspects of their appearance that they cannot choose. The point that we can choose our appearance in the features section is therefore pretty misleading.

hello! im so sorry if this is a dumb question but is there a version of rubens route that is completely sfw? (other than the stuff mentioned in the description) or will the mc have s3x with them either way. I absolutely adore your writing :)

Every game I have always comes with an alternative cuddle scene instead of sex. There is also an explicit content button that is toggle-able.

tysm! im so excited to read all the routes :)

I've just purchased the full - and I do so enjoy your prologue (obvious since I bought it!) I just want to say that I'm having problems with the pronouns? I've tried Non-binary and Trans Male, but the info keeps setting me on she/her - while the body is V and B. So I wonder if the pronouns are pulling from the wrong spot data-wise.

There's an actual setting that says "Change your pronouns" You can also go to settings at any time and change your pronouns.

I literally just realized now on my opening it just now, even before I saw this message. Hah! I must have been too excited to read to realize there were yellow words! Thanks for answering! Looking forward to updates!


Ruben's route was so fun, completely worth 2 dollars. Do you plan to release Ozara next? I'm in love with her route so far, and I love how both of the female LI's are WOC. I rarely see that.


I do want Ozara to be the next LI out. It will either come down to her or Nour.

cool, cool! That’s all! Ty for responding 


Just finished Ruben's route! It's soo good!!! It had me crying a little at some parts. The Epilogue wrapped up everything nicely and it was very heartwarming.

Are you planning to create a walkthrough sometime? I was checking the stats page while playing and it seems like I wasn't able to get some of the good scenes, probably picked some wrong choices. 

Your writing is superb! I can't wait for the other routes. I'll start reading some of your other works while waiting. ^^))

Hello! sorry if this was mentioned already but if I buy the full version now, how will the other routes that are not Ruben going to be updated if they haven't been released yet into the full version (if that makes sense...) ? 


When they come out you will just need to update the folder, same as how you would update the folder when bug fixes come out and such. When you play them you'll just find that it doesn't end at the demo and it's the full version.

I've been setting aside a budget for gaming, as well as getting a proper computer setup for gaming. Throne of Ashes is a game at the top of my list!

(1 edit) (+4)

What do we need to do to get the CGs? Because I just finished Ruben's route and didn't get any CGs whatsoever...

EDIT: Okay, I just read on your Tumblr that the CGs might be added to the game a bit late, I hope this doesn't come across as pushy, but it may be a good idea to mention this in the update about Ruben's route here on so that people who buy it aren't surprised/dismayed not to find the CG when they buy it. Just a thought.

And I enjoyed Ruben's route quite a lot, by the way. Even got me crying a few times (hit close to home in places). My only slight disappointment was not being able to dom Ruben as a male MC. lol. But otherwise, very well written!


Is it possible to download the game somewhere else? I can't make purchases through the website

Wait I'm so confuse. So if I pay, I get to play Ruben route in itch? Or is it on patreon? I'm confuse on which one I should pay 🀣

Please let me know πŸ™πŸ™


There are three different versions. The Patreon version would be given if you're a patron. If you want that then you need to head to patreon. Those files aren't here. If you don't want those files then the $2 and $10 files to play Ruben are here on


Really enjoyed Ruben's route, looking forward to future updates. Already bought the full game because honestly, I would've gladly paid 10$ for Ruben's route alone. Thank you and good luck with development, 13Leagues.


I can't wait to see where this game goes! It's absolutely amazing so far. I'll be keeping an eye out for the full version.

Every time I try and save my game I get an error message. Is there any way to fix this?

Are you playing on the app? Because if so the app and the save setting are not buddy buddy. There is no other way to fix it as it isn't a bug, it's just the app not liking the code for some reason, it works on everything else though.

Yes I am playing on the app, do you have any recommendations for what browsers to use?

Both Chrome and Firefox are good. I'm sure Safari is too but I personally don't use that browser to test the game. From what I have heard others say, literally just not playing the game using the app fixes the problem. Still playable on phone and everything, it's just the app itself.


I am so excited for this to be completed. I love ur games so much


You make me cried, hello this is illegal? I will pay for this piece of art! πŸ˜­πŸ™


ahhh I've been binging through superstition and decided to try your other games out. i adore this demo!! writing about trauma (esp the aftermath of traumatic events) is a hard thing to pin down but it can be so healing when done right. i love what i've seen so far. started with zarik but then went through all the other routes and i love how each one is unique, really sets up for a lot of replayability. i feel for MC so much and im so looking forward to reading the rest of their journey. thank you for your writing!

This is my new favourite! :sob: I love it so much. Is there a ballpark for the full release at all? 

Not at all. Only one route is close to being finished.

Well into next year? Is it Ruben's route? I'm so excited to play the full game! This has become my favourite

I mean, I don't know. There's five routes and each are at least 200k in all. That's basically five separate games in their own right.

Yeah! I will definitely buy this game when it's ready


This is amazing.  I read the Ruben demo, then went immediately to Patreon so I could read more.  The last two days have been spent consuming each route.  Incredibly well done - I was really hesitant given the content warnings (particularly around rape/sexual assault) but its very well done.  I honestly feel for my MC and the characters around them.  This game has shot to the top of the in-progress games I am following.  The depth and character complexity you have is incredible.


The choice to be a victim of sexual assault makes me cry, not sadness, not anger, but joy. You are the only game creator that I've seen understand boundaries, and know when to not take things to far, this is only game i've seen where I can finally relate to my character fully, trauma wise.


I'm gonna go stand in the corner and cry after this, cos dang lol, thank you. And please, if you ever have the need to speak out about something I write in the story because I've came about it wrong or you just would like something specific addressed, tell me. Please tell me.

This is such a great game!! I have a question though, on patreon which tier do i need to pay for to access the game's progress and updated demo? It wasn't obvious to me by checking the patreon tiers

$3 - $20 Tiers. The $20 Tier simply gives you a week of early access to the chapters before the other three tiers.

Thank you so much for replying and sorry for the bother! I really love this game and can't wait for the rest

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I loved Demo! β™‘ Spectacular !

Your storytelling style fits the plot very nicely and I found myself consumed by what I was reading!

I was so surprised to see how the stories are different depending on what route I picked. I can't imagine how much hard work was put into the development of each route because they are equally detailed and thrilling. 

I did see a couple of syntax mistakes, but it did not matter to me enough to make me stop enjoying this Universe you created. 

I would love to see how stories will unfold themselves. So excited !

Thank you for bringing this to the world and sharing it with us! 

God knows how many stories died because creating one is  such a tedious and time-consuming process .

Thank you. Stay safe and healthy β™‘ β™‘ β™‘ β™‘


Broken version, tons of errors running, unable to save the game.  It's a shame because the story seemed interesting if a bit convoluted.


Has the latest update been beta read? Because I came across a bunch of problems with syntax, incorrect word usage, etc as as I was playing it. Just curious - I know it's still part of the demo and probably not the 'final version', but figured I'd ask. :)


There's this thing in the new characters route and I dunno if it's just me or if it's a buggo 0-o


If that error comes up when you first introduce yourself to/talk with Mojiz (sp?) in Zarik's route, then yeah, I have that error too. I was just about to report it when I noticed your post.


This game is amazing! I'm really looking forward to reading more!


A very well written and amazing game! Thank you very much ^^

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this game is absolutely amazing, the characters are well written, the story is researched, the plot is crazy ... kudos to the developer of it who do an amazing job!

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