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Okay you GOTTA chill out on writing good stuff, I have an appointment in need to get ready for and I am having a hard time breaking away from it. This isn't fair. I'm gonna be late. Q.Q 

You're awesome, thank you for your hard work on this. I love it.


I love this and cant wait for season 3 to come. I cant even  sleep properly last night because the story keep appearing in my mind. Im addicted.


This is incredible. I love everything about this. I enjoy how well the characters seem to interact with each other. 


Wait there's gonna be 5 seasons o_O
Heck this story was so good, got really immersed into it

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Hey... ive been following superstition since season 1 was at ep.7 or 8... and ive loved every moment... im curious about when season 3 will be out tho? I cant seem to find it anywhere on here



So... After some three days binge playing this, I just finished and I'm just like AAAAAAAAH

First things first, I found Superstition here on accident, a recommendation because of Scout An Apocalypse Story, and oh how happy am I to found it. Specially because I have this impression that I found the demo of the first season some years ago on Choice of Games (I don't know when exactly, but... I have this impression) and I remember really liking but my bad memory just made it slip my mind.

But now... Oh man. If I didn't had so many of college pilling up now, I would play another character and try to follow a slightly different path (aka a different romance lol), because this is SO GOOD. Mainly, I would do Zillah's path, because while he was damn insufferable while inside MC's head, he kind of gets slightly better when outside and it really made me curious. Yet, well... Rahim has my heart. Main romance, no doubt. AND I WANT MORE HUGS!!!! (also, I loved how you worked with Bradley and what he went through. Very... Real)

Also, the end of the second season... I was just like I WAS RIGHT, YEAH!

I don't know if there is some way to hide spoilers here, so, anyone that didn't finished season 2 yet, STOP READING!

All right, I can't pinpoint when exactly, but I was having suspicions that MC was something death related for some long time. Mainly because hybrids of angels and demons were really mentioned, and reapers, while pointed as Big League, not so much, so, they don't know what MC is plus no one talks about reaper hybrid, despite being Big, something there...

And then the clue relating to Azrael's wings and the second dream with the crows. The tree was dropping the same kind of thing that his wings. And also, when Sydero talks who she is to be vessel to Luci and how all of us are to be vessels and just... "Well, demon girl, angel guy, just missing the third big league, reapers" (also, I think it makes sense that a body made to receive something death-related would have problems with keeping itself whole. Life and death warring against each other)

I loved how you worked all of it into the narrative, I loved fitting the pieces so so much!!!! I really loved what I read so far and I can barely wait for season 3!

Amazing work and one of my best readings ever! <3

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I found this game out of a fit of boredom. I won't lie, the 18+ rating was what drew me in. I went in fully expecting a smut focus and some decent writing. A quick and done deal.  Oh how wrong I was.

Next thing I know, it's been two days, I have my university assignments piling up, and I am absolutely blown away at how the story hooked me. I did not expect to be so invested in the world, characters, writing, and other elements. This is perhaps the only text-based game where I stayed and looked forward to the plot rather than the smut. Gems like these are honestly what remind me of why I still have reading as my hobby.

Thank you for what you've created. You've honestly given me such a unique and fantastic experience, and I can't wait for the future seasons. My assignments, not so much.


I just finished Season 2 and i am already counting the days for season 3.  Cant wait to find out what happens next!



The images are still not showing in the offline version. I don't know why. 

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Can you email me this and tell me what you're playing on as well.


This is one of the best free games on for this genre, it's well written and hard to stop reading once you get pulled into the plot and it's many twisty turns and interesting characters which is the mark of a good story in my opinion. <3

I had an absolute blast playing season one and two,  I am definitely looking forward to season 3!  


I love this game soooo much!! I can't wait for season 3!



Save export at the end is broken save before it.

Deleted post


I was wondering wether it was an inevitability that zilch would be exorcised from us  ? also I was wondering wether having the skin tone of a player would be a good implementation to the game , as much like sydero's skin tone was described and her brothers , perhaps having the protagonist skin tone would be something that would enhance the readers experience ?

I can't seem to import my data , im on a MacBook 

haha I fixed it

Quick PSA: Firefox decided to delete my save for some reason, i recommend you save to file.


ep 8 is so cool and gave me a scar (:

well going save Sydero an die trying 

Makes me wonder, is this the last season or if it isn't how the fuck will the issue be fixed.


i dont know if you will take this as a spoiler but if you look above the contacts you see that there will be 3 more seasons after this

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Oi, don't you dare insult my blindness!

uh how do i  transfer save in of ep 5 into ep 6 (soory i know its stupid question but please help me)

You shouldn't have to transfer anything. When the files are updated, episode six should appear. I'm guessing you saved on the Navigation page or somewhere that wasn't the "Next Time on Superstition" page and if that's true then either go to your saves and play your most recent save to get back to the end of Ep5. If it's something else then you should email me the specifics.


I got recommended this game a few weeks ago in a forum discussion and having binged s1 and what there is of s2 so far, I absolutely adore it!!! 

NB Roe and Chris have such a complicated romance and I really love how natural all the angst between the two of them feels, because it'd all be so complicated even without the supernatural aspects. Can't wait to see more of them and the rest of the group when you update!

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So... Um... Is there gonna be more??? I remember reading that this would be a weekly situation... But the most recent update says it was 50 days ago... Please tell me this amazing story hasn't fizzled out of existance like so many others... I really enjoyed playing through roe's story and it would be super sad if that were the case...


Superstition was on break. It'll be returning on the 23rd.   :)

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oh... Ok... Thanks for the swift reply... Im really glad this project isnt one of those that the creators start and give up on midway... Tbh...i was kinda worried that would be the case, as most of the hidden gems that are truly great, like this one, go unnoticed and cause their creators to lose interest... Thanks... Really... I love the story here and im glad its not over 🙃


If you're ever super worried again, make sure to check out the author's socials as well! (in the contact section) 

She often posts updates as well as little extras :) . 

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I dont really use social media... Ive had bad experiences with it and dont want them to repeat... But i appreciate the suggestion. 🙃


You don't need to have an account to check the updates on tumblr, and the public ones on patreon! It's understandable if you've had bad experiences though, and i'm sorry you've had to go through such things :( 


This is probably the best text-based game I've ever played so far.  This story is amazing and so nicely written. I'm fascinated by the story and has me hooked for more, I'm excited for what's to come in the future!

I never had commented before, but this game certainly deserves more recognizion and I though I'd express my admiration. I'm sure the writer (or writers) spend hours on writing this and I appreciate that!

I'm glad I came across this game since it really cheered me up. 

Thank you!!

If I try to import roe form season one it gives me a whole list of error

- If you're seeing errors when importing your game then it's because - 1. You didn't import your game correctly; 2. Your save is not correct; 3. your import is corrupted/wrong/etc. Also doing this over phones might end up messing up your saves. Besides telling you to go back and re-save your game, there's nothing more I can do in that regard.

Thks It works now

Just finished reading, can't wait for more.

Also wish you a pleasant break.

Thank you for writing this. I had a fantastic time playing it


I love the story and love Sydero hope we get to save her


You are awesome, really. Like I'm just glad I'm in quarantine and I had the time to find and play through S1 and S2 in one night. Now I have eye bags but I'm so happy I might be jumping in joy. I think this is becoming my obsession 'cause I can't seem to stop thinking about your wonderful writing and characters. I had to take a break because too many emotions are running inside my head rn but now I'm ready to replay this for another 10 times (I have so many mcs in mind and I HAVE to romance everyone)


I love this!


Love the writing <3

Hi :)

I really liked the first season od Superstition, and I'm looking forward to play the second but the game it's not working for me. 

I'm playing on a MacBook Pro, and I tried to import my save from the first game but it got me a long list of errors. I tried to customize a new character from the beginning, but again, when I picked the choice to show adult contents the game crashed due to some error. 

Anyway, congratulation for the new release: can't wait to play it! 

Problem found and I'll be updating it soon with an update.  As for the import, if errors pop up then it means that either you didn't import correctly or you imported the wrong file in.

Thank you for answering so quickly!

When I tried to import my old save I clicked on "import" and then from the first season' supernatural folder  I selected "roes1.twinedata" and "continue", after that it shows a long list of errors.

If it was my mistake I apologize, and again thank you for your patience! 

No worries. The only thing I can think of is that either your save didn't load in right or that it's messed up. My best advice is to import your save and try again, but there's not much I can do, my apologies. 


>:3 Finally

I'm so looking forward to this <3




this is one of my favorite games EVER!


I can't wait!


me too!

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