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🤓👍Spent my whole night going through S2…… 

I did chris x m!MC and really like character development for Chris. This is my first time reading story that has development like Chris one. Absolutely amazing. The way Chris finally understand his feeling and do it so suddenly, I cried fr TT


Just binged the first two seasons. I can't wait for S3! It's been a slow burn, but Sydero X F!Roe for the win! 

The best supernatural themed game i have ever played. Can't wait for season 3. 


This game is awesome! Really good stuff, the lore gives heavy supernatural vibes but with it's own nice little twists. I love it! Can't wait for season 3 :)


Amazing story. I can't wait for the next season.

Hii!! First of all, I love this story, is so well written and so interesting... but I have I little problem, every time I try to import the file to start the season 2 I end with this... and I don't know why :( (im in a Mac)


I tried to export the file to another computer (Windows) and there is working, then send me again to my Mac and now is working... I hope this can help other people who have the same problem :)!

that’s happened to me before when I tried to import on my phone

you probl download this but the best way to use it on a windows computer is downloading the app~


Love chrisssss so much...and rahim too...huft...can't wait season 3,4 and 5 wmehehehe


heyyy, loved season 1 so im rlly excited to play s2! Currently experiencing some issues with importing my game tho. I'm on Mac, and every time I try to import my save I get a long list of errors. If anyone knows what I could do to fix it, I'd really appreciate it! 

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How do I pass the important check?  I import my character and the game told me to choose the pronouns option to continue? And i just kinda stuck there,  i see no other option to continue or anything.  

*no worries,  i got it now.

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Cause Im stuck too

same :c

How did you fix it?


Um what the hell, I was not expecting this masterpiece of a story. I loved it so much I have become a patreon, honestly so well deserved. If you have this on your list but haven't played it yet, STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND DO IT NOW.  Or don't because waiting for the next season is complete torture.

Random ramblings:

I was originally romancing Chris but he really tested me emotionally in this season, I persisted and honestly he is so lovely. 

My bad boy loving heart loved Zillah so much I had to start a new character from the beginning and romance him as well.  

Jeff and Sydero are my characters bffs. 


Love.It. Amazing story, I am waiting for the next book and I just CAN'T WAIT!!!!!

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God. Damn. Seriously, just God. Damn. The sheer length of S1 and S2 is amazing for these types of stories, i've spent more time reading these than playing big budget video games and I loved every minute of it.

I'll admit, I save scummed and on my 2nd playthrough used the guide (Cause somehow I messed up Syd's romance :c) but i'm absolutey hooked and can't wait for S3

Also i'm kicking myself for not realizing what Roe was, I dunno if I was just to tired or not paying enough attention, or paying to much attention, but the reveal should have been obvious yet I didn't see it coming. If I thought about it, I should have realized, but I was so engrossed in the story I didn't have time to think about it

Only problem is, when S3 does finally come out... Imma have to start from the start, cause i never load old saves B)

Hellooo.. i couldn't import my data on my iphone but when I tried sending the file to my pc, it worked perfectly fine.. but the thing is, I really wanted to read the story on my phone so i can read it wherever and whenever i wanted to.. helpppp! :(


I love this so much I can't wait 4 the next season. But I have to pick between Chris and rahim.... I can't 😭

I know the choice is so hard!!! There should be an option to chose both!

I need help ^^;

I can import my progress, but I don't know how to get pass the "important check"?

It says "Imported Roe's: You must click the pronouns choice to continue on.", but I have and it just take me back to the page.

It also says: 

Everyone: You all must go to story elements/fears and declare your fears.

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I have confirmed my fears, and chose "When done, click here" 

it just takes me back to the important check page

Edit: Restarted my computer; better now ^^;


I loved this season!!

oh also the tv show Charmed is epic! I hope there is another season!

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So what would you call a witch-demon hybrid?


I cried so much this season. 9/10. Ugh. FOOD. Feed us the third season pls. 

When you're reading a story and say to yourself "That's why you don't have friends/children" you know it hits hard.

Also I have a question. I feel like the "Nerve" count is like what kind approach we take for dialogues and choices (like hot-blooded/cold-blooded or assertive/submissive).

So is it normal that my 'Nerve' count is at -46 ? (pls answer I'm scared to play with this Roe)

SPOILER (I guess)



Chris is finally a useful character (still a dumbass but we love you). I didn't like him that much but choosing Bradley over him and see him cry was worse than all the Hell chapters. 

Jeff best character fight me

Zillah horny mf get bonked (this mf has the worst timing when it comes to seggs)

Syd angry lesbian (or bisexual i don't know) queen we love her

Rahim...whatever lol....Everytime I try to like you you do some dumbshit

Amari so sweet she deserves all the pats in the world

Faye pls so caring and aborable to me even when I'm dying :)

Lucia you hella sus stop looking at Zillah like that I'll kil you hoe :)

Smoking that Petri and Langston pack ;) thank you for killing them i hated them particularly the bald headed one :)

Is the fact that zillah means shade and sydero means evil nymph intentional


the sydero romance doesn’t work, I can’t get the option to have any romance stuff even when i put points into it in a new game

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by the way if any one wants to use these links 🙃🙂🙃 here yah go

Slight spoiler for ending of season 2 


I have a theory so I found this thing where it shows the characters and gives information about those characters and other things like werecats, and werebirds. Anyways I have a theory that Roe is a tribrid because I read that usually tribrids die between or in there 20’s and in superstition season 2 Roe is taken by Azrael to meet Death him or herself. 

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TL;DR: This story is one of those diamonds in a grand crevasse filled with rocks. I give it a 9/10.

First of all, I just wanna say that I've been looking for interactive fictions just to pass the time. I got here off of a recommendation thread on Reddit. So I'm gonna give an utterly honest review for this. I rarely give reviews to anything that allows for a review mostly because they don't impact my life in any way enough for me to give a damn about it. But seeing as I find myself giving this a lengthy review then the author clearly has done something right here. 

To the author, thank you for bringing all of your ideas from your mind to the physical world. It's one of those times where people stop to think that they're glad they were born at this specific time frame in the universe that allowed them to read this story. The plot is really damn, sizzling good. 

A lot of people have said the story is pretty linear. But you know what, even though I take a liking to complicated plots, I actually like this "linear" plot. It has some flaws to it in some parts of course but the way its written makes up for it. I can probably point out a few but they're actually very tiny you wouldn't even notice if you don't think twice or thrice.  The way the story is structured makes me recognize a few similarities it has to other fictions I've read. The part where Bradley asks Roe which anime he preferred, I immediately realized that the author was a person of culture (I hit subbed ofc). And it reminded me of Attack on Titan and how grim the overarching plot was with everything going wrong and with the way you dropped some subtle foreshadowing. It actually felt realistic reading it. If I'm going to describe it, it's like the love-child between the writing method of Wayhaven, almost the world building of AoT, the internet-cultured memery and Hebrew/Greek mythology. 

The thing I love about this is that there are moral dilemmas everywhere and they actually impact the story in the long run enough for me to consider "damn this went the wrong way, time to load up a save from ages ago" (I'm playing as a guy btw). That and because you ACTUALLY gave us the entire wheel to steer the story with and it draws readers in because it makes them feel like themselves and that they are included in the story (there are stories that feel like they're on autopilot so I'm pointing this out thank you). Most of the time it stops me to think up a prediction of what the next events might be and when I found out about Raum being a demon chasing Syd, a supposed "witch", I immediately thought something was fishy so I sat down and thought that maybe she was a princess of hell, maybe Lucifer's kid or some high ranking demon, either one of that because why would all hell break loose just to drag this woman back home if hell wasn't her home. And it pleased me to know that I was right. I've predicted numerous future events while reading (including Roe being an offspring of Death) and usually that throws me off because its predictable but lo and behold! - this one doesn't and it exhilarates me when I stop to think and predict. It's exciting! It makes me ask "and then what happens next?" One of the signs that let's me know the story is actually pretty good. 

I was wondering by the way. But this prediction is such a long shot, I wouldn't even know if I'll hit or miss because Book 3 isn't even out so ima just put it out here. When Roe had that dream of being in a forest and seeing his corpse self, I think I recall that part where the sky tears apart and he says that it looks like the world is some sort of snow globe and someone is trying to destroy it. Now, I don't know why but this really stuck with me. It's so... very oddly specific. I know that the choice of words in this story aren't something readers shouldn't bat an eye on. Because I have been searching up what the name Roe meant and apparently it means deer. So I searched up what deers were meant for in the Bible and it says that they're "devoted to God". Now I'm not one to drag religion into anything but seeing as there has been a mention of Lucifer and Death and Roe literally asking Syd if there was a God. This is also the reason why I found out that Zillah wouldn't hurt Roe. I literally looked up his name and it meant "protector" and the story confirmed it. So since the story confirmed it, I further went on to read about Shades and the shadow people and there I found a wikipedia page talking about a letter from Alexander Pope to the recently passed Nicholas Rowe. Now, isn't that interesting. I don't know if this is a coincidence but the letter literally contained the words that meant "put your shade to eternal rest" and I took that as a foreshadowing that Roe was indeed dying. Lo and behold again - I was right. The only thing I have been wrong about is Roe being created by the God of the world. Because I was thinking, Azrael was the Angel of Death but he told Roe something along the lines of "The destruction of the world owes itself to you". So why did Azrael say this is what stumps me. Did he fear death? And I just assumed that he was the grim reaper himself but I later learned at the end that there was indeed Death himself and Azrael was just an "Angel" OF death. Another thing that bugs me is Lust and possibly Azrael working together and that the release of Lucifer and Roe being an offspring of death has something to do with the Angel Prophecy. I speculated this but is God trying to destroy the world? If so, then the only way to stop him is Lucifer and Death working together? I understand if Lucifer doesn't want to destroy the universe but I don't understand why Death is meddling. Isn't he supposed to be a mediator? I realized then that since Death has to meddle with mortals then something bigger than Syd being sacrificed to release Lucifer or Roe being a reaper is bound to happen which rounds me back to a theory that God is trying to destroy the world including demons and angels. No one would be spared hence everyone is somehow working together to prevent it. Well let's just see how this prediction goes. As much as I want to be right, I enjoy being wrong a lot more. It just proves that there may be something better than what my mind can think of.

Lastly, I'm ending this by saying that: there is a huge potential in this, author and I know that you'll guide that potential to the right path.  Sure, everyone can pick up a pen, type on a keyboard and call it a story but not everyone can create a living, breathing world. The world you built feels real and the people in it feel alive, that's rare nowadays. I hope you know how much that distinguishes your story from the hundreds I have read. And I know Rahim has already said that classic stories were "too slow" and had unnecessary words put into them and I agree, definitely, simply because the modern english in your writing feels easier to read making it more engaging for the readers. 

I only ask that you take as much time as you need to write the next 3 seasons. Heck, I wouldn't really even mind if it took you until 2030 to wrap things up if you choose to because I want it to be in its most perfect form.  

Congrats, you created an entire universe! I would even go as far as to say that I would wanna see this as a movie/series or a game.  Keep up the great work. 

Thank you for the review! And I'm so glad that you enjoyed it, truly. If you can give any examples to the downsides to better hope me understand then please send them my way!

Hello, author! Thank you for the reply. I didn't think you would since I assume you would be very busy writing the next book, so thank you :D 

I'll be glad to give some examples but I'll have to replay the game so I can give a thorough list of them and accurately specify which sentence/paragraph. Where can I send it? 

What is the thread on Reddit? I've read a lot of stories and am having a hard time finding new ones

Hey I don't know if I'm the only one but I couldn't import my save using mobile devices, then I tried sending the file to my pc to import it there and it worked, so this leads me to believe that the import mechanic is broken on mobile devices. If what I'm saying is indeed true then I would like to ask the author or someone else to fix it please. Love the game btw. I'm hooked. 

i couldnt either


I solved the issue, I commented my solution on the comment section for season 1.

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zillah is so hot lmao


He is lol


This series is awesome. Great story, characters and superbly written. Just wanted to say to the author: you ROCK! Thanks so much for sharing this <3 Now I’m gonna go and replay season 1 because I’m already missing Sydero lol Can’t wait for the next season! 

absolutely in love with this series, played through season 1 and 2 today, might play it again tomorrow <3


can't seem to import my data I’m on a iPhone 

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So, I have a theory.  It's a theory about what Roe could be. At first, I thought Roe may be half human, half reaper because Death would have to be a reaper, that makes sense, right? Well, Death is Azrael, the Angel of Death and Azrael is also an archangel. So, maybe Roe is not a half reaper but instead a Nephilim. Nephilims are the offspring of an angel or an archangel and a female human.  The human has to be female as angels can't bear children and as you know, only women can give birth to a child. The angel will have to possess a male human (their vessel) and then mate with the female human. So, maybe Azrael possessed Roe's father, mated with his mother and tada, baby Roe. Now, when an angel is possessing a human, the human has full consciousness and fully aware of everything happening around them. So, if Azrael was possessing Roe's father and mated with Roe's mother, Roe's father would be aware of the...mating but angel's have the ability to erase the memory of their vessel. So, Azrael could've erased Roe's father's memory of being possessed and mating with his wife to give birth to a Nephilim. That could be why Roe's father would have no memory of ever being possessed. Now, a question arises, why would Azrael leave his child? Well, there is a rule in Heaven that all angels are forbidden from mating with humans and having a child. If this ever happens, the angel and their child must be executed. So, that could be why Azrael left Roe but didn't want to leave them with no guidance so, he sent Zillah to watch over Roe and help them understand who they are and that is how far my theory goes. Now, there are a lot of holes in my theory. Like, when Nephilims are born, they give out so much energy that their human mother are unable to survive the birth process but as you know, Roe's mother survives, same is the case with Rahim's mother and also, why does Zillah kill Roe's parents? I mean, that is not something Azrael would want, right? Who knows? I'm not really confident about this theory and there is still so much we don't know and HOLY SH*T. This is like the longest comment ever. I'm sorry.

P.S. If you're wondering how I know about all of this, just know this, it's a long story. You wouldn't want to know.


That is a really interesting theory. I also thought Roe might be half human, half reaper. I'm not sure about the whole Azrael possessing Roe's father tho, but I'd actually really like to know how you know all this. 😅

Well, when I was playing Superstition, I noticed there was a lot of similarities between Superstition and a tv show called "Supernatural". Well, most of the supernatural elements seemed similar in both but not the stories. And so I asked Tierra Wright, the author, if she took inspiration from the show and she said yes that she did. Now, I remember that I watched the Supernatural tv show a little bit but that was a long time ago and I couldn't really remember it much so I started to watch the tv show again but from the beginning. And also because I was hooked to Superstition and wanted more of it but since the third season wasn't out yet I thought I'll just watch the stuff that sort of inspired Superstition. And that's how I know so much, by watching Supernatural and also doing some research because I was curious. Now, I said in my theory that it's a long story about how I know so much but in reality it may seem like it's not really. Well, it's because of how long Supernatural is. I mean, it lasts till 15 seasons. 15! and every season contained 20 episodes. I mean, I thought there was gonna be like 10 episodes or something but 20! I had to watch 327 episodes and it was hard not to lose interest Now, the show may be long but the story is pretty good. I would recommend it. Also, I remember that Tierra Wright said that another tv show called "Charmed" has also inspired Superstition and I believe she called one of the episodes "Charmed" as an homage to the show. Still have to watch that one though.

I've been thinking about watching Supernatural. I always thought it'd be all drama like other supernatural shows so I  never watched. I've watched Charmed but didn't know it was also an inspiration for this. I'll have to replay this again soon! 

Thanks for responding and taking the time to explain! I'm so sorry for the late reply. 


No problem. Btw, if you actually decide to watch Supernatural, I would recommend only watching the first 5 seasons as I think they are the only good ones and watching the other seasons can get kinda repetitive. I think I could've better watched Supernatural if I watched it from when it first came out instead of trying to binge watch it.

The original Charmed tv show or the remake?


Death and Azrael are different entities tho.

They are. Now I'm thinking Roe's father is Azrael. 

Zillah didn’t kill Roe’s parents it was a different shade that Roe eould refer to as “Guardian” 


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I've played both Superstition seasons 1 & 2, and I have been inspired to create my own twine story. Problem is, I don't know how to program a twine project. I am mildly to moderately proficient in CSS and JavaScript, but I'm not sure how to apply it to twine. Does anyone know where I could learn how to program a Twine project?

Also, what format was Superstition made in?


Superstition is using the SugarCube format!

After choosing your story format, you should go and look for the documentary of it. This is SugarCube's:

You will find information about the various macros / commands you can use. These vary between the various story formats.

Depending on your level of familiarity with coding, the language used can be a bit overwhelming at first or make complete sense from the get go. It is always useful to try the macros out yourself to see how they work.

If you choose SugarCube, you should also go and check out the amazing custom macros some dedicated people created, especially those by Chapel.

In terms of how to learn how to code a Twine project:

If you have a specific question, you can try to search it online to find a discussion on the old Twinery forum. There's also the subreddit r/twinegames where you can go to ask questions.

And of course the most valuable help at the start: Read the code of a few already completed stories. See how these authors set things up, what you would do differently and what you wouldn't have thought of. As the Twine project files are all saved as HTML files, you can open them in different programs like Notepad++ or Sublime once you've downloaded them.

I hope this helps a bit!
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(This comment may contain spoilers. Reader discretion advised.)

I have a few important questions:

Is Death Roe's father??? Is Roe a reaper hybrid?! (By the way, having the title "Son of Death" would be awesome.)

Will Sydero still be a romanceable character in Season 3? 

Will Bradley recover now that Syd is back? 

Less important questions:

Why do do the angels all have sticks up their butts as they sit atop their high horses?

Where is God?

One more question: Who is Roe's real mother?


Sooooo I can only answer some of these due to obvious spoilers of the future seasons.

1. Yes and yes.

2. She's a romanceable character period. Her absence in S2 is the only reason there's hardly any content but there are checks.

3. He was beginning to recover without Sydero. What happens with her back, can't say.

I won't answer the less important ones as of course those are spoiler lol. But all will be answered or at least explored lol. 

wait so... roe is confirmed the child of death? 👁👁

that’s cool

God has gone on a long vacation and the angels are mad that their "daddy" left them.


Oh my god, this game is so good. I love the interactive story where your choices can actually affect the outcome and I love the supernatural and romanc elements. I saw this game and played it without playing S1 first, and I was HOOKED! I had to go and play season 1, and now I have to play S2 again! :)

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